What?  You have rules now? When did you get all fancy?  

This isn’t a page about rules.  This is merely a page about “guidelines”.  What to expect when you drop by, and how to be a part of this less than wonderful spiral towards insanity that you are a party to.

I’m going to throw that phrase “meaningful content” out there again.  If that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the place for you.  Oh sure, I may say something every now and then that someone, with limited vocabulary, access to the outside world and intelligence may possibly find valuable, but those times will be rare.  Very rare.  The best you can hope for is maybe a recipe every now and then, but since I have the attention span of a one year old hopped up on M&M’s, I can’t even pin myself down to do those.

So what do I do here?  Well, doesn’t look like much does it?

I play.  I ramble.  I jump in with both feet and always try to add a great picture with a killer caption.  That’s what I do.  I’ve been called genius, crazy, warped, twisted, sharp tongued and a savant~ and all of those just today!

I poke fun, but never intend to hurt anyone’s feelings.  If I say something about you that appears unkind, it is meant as a “roast” more than anything.  If I say “you suck!” that pretty much means this-You are so freakin funny!  I am so jealous!  I could never hope to write like you.

What I really do, what means the most to me here, is just be who I am.  For the first time in my life, I am doing exactly what I want.  Being a dork, spaz, tard, maroon, weirdo, etc.  Call it what you will.  Baby is out of the corner.

I am a very odd person, but in a fun way.  Not in a I’m hanging out at the playground in a van kind of way.

And maybe there IS some valuable content here for my readers.  Because I only ask you to do one thing.  Something everyone should feel the confidence to do, no matter how old they are.  No matter what circumstances life brings you.  You will let more joy into your life than you ever thought possible, if you will just do this…….

27 thoughts on “TERMS AND CONDITIONS

      • Thank you, thank you very much. I’ll be here until Thursday. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses. Actually, I will be here all weekend. Tomorrow is cook and do laundry day- so the laptop will be smokin, right along with the pork butt–(it was on sale!) , Will reply to comments on Le Clown’s blog, as per my guest host duties, and write chapter 4 of The Bonfire Effect. And…. a fellow blogger and I are embarking on a new co hosting type top secret venture. Tomorrow is a dry run/brainstorm pow wow.

        Shitballs! I’ve turned into a real writer or somethin!

        Did I just say “shitballs”?

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