Casting Call: Desperate Job Seekers Wanted!

The other day, I posted about a possible move and the subsequent job search that move will cause.  My close personal friend Amy, who has a  totally badass new  career website took the time to offer some sage advice to me.  Please enjoy this hilarious article about how not to look for work.  Unless you’re some sort of crazy, naive dumbass with  a deathwish.  Thanks again Amy, and here’s to wild success with What’s Better Than This!!!!!!

Crazy Craigslist Want Ads

New Craigslist Reality Show


Are you tired of being unemployed? Would you like to be a reality TV star? If you answered YES to both questions, you might be the new star of How (Not) to Get Murdered at Work, a new reality TV show inspired by Craigslist want ads.

Anonymous sources at Craigslist report that founder Craig Newmark and CEO Jim Buckmaster are in talks with a well known network TV station (we can’t tell you which one just yet!) to create this ground breaking reality TV program.

“Combining the site’s sheer variety of want ads with the current downturn in the job market is a natural expansion of the Craigslist brand,” says Newmark.

The show will capitalize on the volume of potentially dangerous Craigslist want ads and will feature a cast selected directly from those people who are searching Craigslist and other job boards in search of new employment.

“We are casting for anyone meeting these descriptions: Unemployed and desperate; career changers who don’t know what to do with their lives; new job seekers without previous experience; graduates with a Russian Literature, Political Science, or some other useless major,” explains Theresa Bittersby, CEO of casting agency Nogood & Giveup, C.A.A.

The details of the show are still in the works, but the basic premise would combine aspects of past reality hits The Real World, Americas Top Model, and Cops as cameras follow cast members attempts to survive employment through progressively dangerous Craigslist want ads. Contestants must report to work and survive each week’s job in order to move on to the next weekly round. Contestants who leave the job before the end of the assignment for any reason including, quitting, murder, dismemberment, or fired will be automatically eliminated.

Cameras will roll as contestants fight to survive job listings that range from “probably harmless” like this example:

Crazy Craigslist Want Ads

To “possibly dangerous,” as seen here…

Crazy Craigslist Want Ads

Progressing to probably definitely dangerous!  

Crazy Craigslist Want Ad

The unemployed, career changers, thrill seekers, and celeb wannabes will need to have all their wits about them if they are to survive each round of How (Not) to Get Murdered at Work. According to our sources, potential candidates will have to undergo grueling interviews, physical exams, and of course, pass the all important hottie-test before they are cast for the show.

Good luck job seekers!

*This article is satire; to our knowledge Craigslist is not producing this type of reality TV show (but, if you’re an interested TV producer, we should take a meeting). For more employment humor and reality career advice, visit  or follow us on Twitter.

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