So we’re loadin’ up the truck…..

Good morning, my darlings! Many new and wonderful things happening in Cheekydivaville lately.  Most notably, that we may finally be making that move in the near future.  After months of searching, we may have  found a place we can call home.

We went through a house yesterday that was everything we want and more.  Charming, darling and all kinds of other cutie-patootey words that would make you hurl, so I’ll spare you.  Just take a look.  Isn’t it to DIE for?


It’s got almost everything on our list of  “must haves” like a garbage disposal, eat in kitchen and a bowling alley in the basement.  It doesn’t have a fenced in yard, and for some reason, hordes of people keep walking by taking pictures of it, but that’s okay! You can’t have everything, right?

I’m sure we’ll be able to get rid of them in short order when we crank the stereo up to 11.  Sure hope the folks in our new neighborhood like Meatloaf.

It’s quite a step up from where we live now, but I’m more than ready to live in a fine neighborhood full of swells.  I’ve been taking pinky raising classes for a few months, and I’m getting pretty good at being fancy.

I’ll miss the old homestead, but not too much, really.   Mr. The Cheeky is getting too old to mow the roof, so he’s as happy as a pig in a…. in a……….. in whatever makes pigs happy.


So now all that remains is for me to find a job.  This may be easier said than done.  You guys have been to the deep recesses of my mind and I’m sure you feel fortunate to have found your way back alive.  I fear I’m just so weird that I may be unemployable.

First thing I think I had better do is change my LinkedIn profile picture.  This one is much better suited to me.  I look old enough to be taken seriously, but my outfit is hip enough to show I am on top of the latest fashion trends.  Staging the photo with good props like a telephone and a typewriter gives the impression that I am a no nonsense Girl Friday with a head for business. (Or at least have a friend with a camera and a typewriter) Just look at that winning smile!  You’d hire me, wouldn’t you?  We’ll just see if months of networking and padding the truth about my mad skillz will actually pay off in the real world.  Wink wink, nudge nudge


All of this may be premature, as we haven’t made an offer yet, and there is the nasty business of selling our current home to attend to.  But, in true cheeky fashion, I’m putting the cart way way WAY ahead of the horse once again, and I’ll think about that shit tomorrow.

Fiddle-dee-dee and all that jazz.  I'm a gonna buy me a new house.

Fiddle-dee-dee and all that jazz. I’m a gonna buy me a new house.

Who has the time to worry about selling a house and finding a job?  I’m too busy thinking about what kind of gown I can make out of the drapes so I’ll have something tres cheek to wear when I entertain my new neighbors.

Oh boy! I haven't seen such a fine piece of aspic on this block since the 70's!

Oh boy! I haven’t seen such a fine piece of aspic on this block since the 70’s!

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32 thoughts on “So we’re loadin’ up the truck…..

    • Well, let’s hope so. This place really is just what we want, whether or not we will actually be able to make it work remains to be seen, but things are hot hot hot where we live now and it is a very good sellers market. I spoke with our realtor last night, and his last two listings were only on the market for 18 hours before they were sold. If we could have that happen to us, I’ll be living in a new little cottage, desperate for work in just a few short weeks. 🙂

      • Prolly cuz I stopped writing them. Er De Der. Have been crazy busy trying to get the house ready to sell and searching for a new job on the other end, on top of doing my current job. It’s been super hectic in Cheekydivaville. The house went up on the market yesterday, and since homes are selling like hotcakes in this town, we are very hopeful that it will sell fast. I promise to update and be a better blogger pal when things calm down. Thanks so much for sticking with me! 🙂

  1. Hey, what’s up? How are you feeling? the hormones? You are so damn funny—it’s all coming back to you. Like riding a bike.

    Lots of love, Suzy

    • Hi there! I’m feeling much better most days, and will be blogging about the joys of menopause soon in the near future. Who knew it could rot your brain? I owe it to the world to tell the secret. It would be like a cheeky public service announcement.

      I’m sure you remember this lovely castle, don’t you? One of Hastings’ finer homes. I had planned to send you a link to the real house sometime today. 🙂

  2. My sister just bought a house in Texas, and my mother just sold her condo in DC. Both say that the market is doing swell, so your timing is excellent! However, as someone who has moved twice in the past four years, I don’t envy your near future. 🙂

    • Oh barf, me either. I’m too old for this crap. I sure hope we end up with this place. It just came on the market, but it’s already had over 400 views. In a town where homes aren’t exactly flying off the shelves. However, the listing does have around 40 pictures, so maybe it’s just that 10 people have looked at all of them. I have no idea how they measure their page views.

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