Blogging For Fun And Profit…..Again

Well hello there friends and colleagues.  It seems like my hyena is almost over.  Due to many circumstances beyond my control, and a few within my control, I have been away from this silly place for far too long.  While commitments and health issues left me with little left over for my favorite waste of time, I think I have made my way out of the woods.

Yay for me! But probably not so good for you.

I have missed doing this little blog thang so much and now that the smart and funny parts of my brain have come out of hibernation, they want to play again.

You know I’ve been doing a little writing elsewhere, trying to connect myself in the real world since I hope to relocate, and cooking up lots of evil plans for a lucrative career in freelance writing and social media~HA! LIKE THAT WILL EVER PAN OUT~

But, I need time to have fun with my friends and let off steam. So, I think I am almost ready to get my dork on and get back to what I do best~

Sit down at the keyboard and let it rip with little thought to what comes out of the other end.

Hortence and Drunk Mom, Angry Gary and Crying Kim…..they are all itching to get back to work and so am I.

While I would love love LOVE to write here every day again, (that was my goal for the year by the way, to not miss a day) I don’t think that will happen.  But, I will do my best to dazzle you with irreverent daily prompts, recipes and haikus.  I know it’s Thursday, but I don’t want to whine and complain about the goddam weather or my goddam health again, so we’ll just skip the haikus for today,K?

The main thing is, I’m going to try very hard to keep this blog from turning to a puddle of goo and sliding into the abysssssssssssss.

Just so you know I’m serious, here’s a completely unrelated picture for your enjoyment:


See? That makes absolutely no sense, does it?  Of course it doesn’t. It’s not supposed to.  The prize goes to whoever who can identify the people in that picture and where it came from.  One last thing, here’s a video that is loosely relevant to this post.  Enjoy it.  I mean it! Just because it wasn’t a big hit doesn’t mean it sucks.  See ya soon!


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25 thoughts on “Blogging For Fun And Profit…..Again

  1. yey! I’ve missed your cheeky words! Life does have an annoying tendency to interfere with blogging. I am dealing with that problem myself at the moment.

    • I have more very cheeky words on the way. Doing the Daily Prompt. Those are just too much fun. Please feel free to recommend this one for Fresh Pressing. 😉

      Thanks so much for sticking with me! I have the best blog pals in the world!

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  3. Welcome back, Cheeky! What were you doing on a hyena? Aren’t hyenas from Africa? I haven’t renewed my subscription to National Geographic so I’m not certain.

  4. Nobody has identified the people in the pic yet? It’s Sally (the ghost) & Paula(? the evil witch anyway if that’s not really her name) from Being Human! Paula is pulling Sally through the floor where she originally died. Love this series! And welcome back, you’ve been missed!

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