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Good morning campers!  Please enjoy this post by my good friend Steph!  She is soooooo excited about Eurovision that I just had to let her tell all my friends about it too!  Steph is probably asleep in her little bed now, in her Eurovision jammies, cuddled up on her Eurovision pillow with her collectible Eurovision teddy bear..(I hope she’s not drooling all over her shiny new Eurovision swag), but she will be around later to answer your questions and comments about this awesome event!  Hope you’re all having a fantastic day, and please visit Steph’s blog for other fabulous posts and more info about Eurovision!


I am honoured that Cheeky has invited me to visit over at her place today. I’m Steph, I live over at She Said What. Over at my place we are super excited because something huge is coming up. Eurovision 2013! We are unpacking the bedazzler, locating all our multi-coloured wigs, platform heels, sparkly lip gloss and fake eye lashes as we nervously await the highlight of our annual TV viewing calendar.

It has been brought to my attention that Americans in particular my not be aware of Eurovision at all (I pity you, but better late than never!). As such I have posted a brief history of Eurovision, complete with my favourite Eurovision songs of all time here. I can wait while you duck on over and read that quickly… did you see the tin foil drag queens? Now that’s a special Eurovision moment.

So briefly, the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) began in 1956 and has been televised every year since, making it one of the longest running shows in TV history. It works like this… all of the countries in Europe submit a musical act as their entry. The acts all compete, kind of like the soccer world cup, until there is one ultimate winner. The winners are decided by popular vote. People in participating countries phone in or SMS to vote. They are unable to vote for their own country. This sounds democratic, however block voting is common and usually the voting is political. Nevertheless the ESC has been bringing the countries of Europe together in peaceful association for decades. Each year the competition is held in the home Country of the previous year’s winner. In 2012 Sweden won with their piece ‘Euphoria’ so this year we are off to Malmo! The two semi finals will be run on May 14th and 16th, and the final will run on May 18th.

The official Eurovision 2013 website has recently released the preview videos of this year’s entries . Get your sparkle on – it’s a great bunch of entries this year. I have selected some of the best to show you. I hope you enjoy your little window into Eurovision…

My pick for the best and funniest Eurovision entry this year would have to go to Romania

I love that falsetto! I would never have thought to pair opera with rock/disco/pop, but it actually works. He did actually just say that he wants to paint his world in poo. I’m hoping that’s just a problem with the English translation. I can’t wait to see how they present this on stage in Malmo. They’re going to rock it.

The next entry I’d like to highlight is my choice for best outfit. It’s Latvia with ‘Here we Go’.The sparkly suits and the bare chests, yes that really works! They also use the keytar. Not in the same way as JT uses the keytar mind you, but it’s still a little bit awesome

Here We Go! Now wasn’t that fun?

Next we have best accent fail. This is the entry from Finland. Obviously English is not her native tongue. She does a pretty good job at singing in English, except for one small problem. See if you can pick it…

Whoah Krista – F you too!

Here is my choice for the best ‘ethnic’ sound. This song is called “Samo Shampioni” and it really captures the cultural feel of Bulgaria, plus it has a lot of drums, and I like drums…

I don’t know what that bagpipe/flute thingy is but I really feel like I’m standing in a market square in Bulgaria. This is a fantastic entry.

Next we have a piece from Lithuania. I put this one in for you because it gets my vote for best use of eyebrows. You don’t need to watch the whole clip. Just to the first chorus will do, seen one verse, seen them all…

You have to admit that’s some epic eyebrow action right there. I wonder if it will carry over onto the big stage?

Here’s a fun little ditty from Greece. This one gets my vote for best drinking song, and coincidentally it’s called “The Alcohol is Free”, pity it’s not really…

I feel drunk just watching it!

My next video is my pick of the power ballads. The power ballad is a particular institution of Eurovision. They have proven very hard to beat in the past. If a country can turn up with a great power ballad the competition may as well pack up and go home. Here’s Georgia with Waterfall…

I can feel the love in my eyes and the wind in my hair, pouring down like a waterfall even.

We have almost arrived at that point, the point where I pick my winner for 2013. But before I do, here’s my pick for runner up. They have cute guys, cute girls and a ukulele. Let’s hear it for Malta!

Tell me that wasn’t fun!

And now… a drum roll… My choice for the winner of Eurovision 2013 – It’s Denmark with “Only Teardrops”!

That was just… epic and beautiful and charming and lovely and catchy and excellent use of wind machine! I will be making a sign for my Eurovsion party proclaiming myself firmly in Camp Denmark this year.


Well I hope you have enjoyed my little summary of the best of 2013. I will be taking notes at my Eurovision party. I will try not to spill alcohol on them, I will try not to get glitter in my eyes, I will not get cigarette burns on my spandex again (that was a bad year I can tell you). Come across and follow my blog for the updates as they unfold. Until then, thank you Cheeky for having me, it has been a trip!

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  2. Who can resist the charm of Eurovision? Get sewing on the sequinned costumes and have a lot of fun!!! This years’ entries look great cant wait for the Eurovision Cocktail Party! For my American friends it’s like a Gatsby party on steroids.

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