Thursday Haiku Madness~ Better Late Than Never…right?

Geez!  How lame is I?? I can’t even take enough time to write some crappy haikus?  Do I need to con more blog friends to start doing this for me too?  I haven’t been myself  lately, folks.  Biting off more than I can chew on top of ignoring a nagging health issue that I thought would go away on its own has zapped all of my energy as well as my creativity.  I think I have things under control now, and soon I hope to be my old stupid self.  A total pain in your ass.

Hey,! Wake up and make with the haikus already!

Hey,…you! Wake up and make with the haikus already!

Okay, now that I’ve told the whole world that I have the vapors, let’s get on with some fine bad poems, shall we? Hmmmmmmmmm?????  Alrighty then!  What’s today’s topic?  How about not feeling like yourself?  It’s been a long Winter, and I think we are all probably ready for some much needed sunshine and vacation!!!!!!!! Haiku about that too!  Woo hoo and jump up and down and all that shit!

I’m on vacation myself right now.  Are you jealous?  YOU SHOULD BE!!!!


Cheeky feels like shit

Tired, headachey weak and lame

Burn candle both ends


Thank you Google search

Better than spendy doctors

I’ll be just fine soon


Vacation day Squee!

Me loves them 3 day weekends!

What me gonna do?


Oh what fun I’ll have!

Catching up on my writing

And cleaning the house!


Maybe have a chat

With a fine badass Realtor

And buy a new chair!


Don’t let it be said

About your good pal Cheeky

That she is boring


Y O L O-oy!

I do know how to PAR-TAY!

Oh boy….I AM lame….


All right friends! It’s your turn! Let’s tear up the place with some killer Johnny-write-lately haikus!

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness~ Better Late Than Never…right?

  1. Still feeling like crap
    No blogging for me today
    Too hard to be nice

    Eating Milanos
    Pepperidge Farm does it right
    Distinctive cookies

    Hope for tomorrow
    Early Easter Day with Mom
    Taking Chinese Food

    (Feed a cold, starve a fever. I just have a cold so am grazing on this bag of cookies. I’m only sharing a few with the dog.)

  2. Cheeky is grumpy
    Cheeky is down in the dumps
    Poor little Cheeky

    Cheeky has the blues
    Cheeky has lost her sparkle
    Sad little Cheeky

    Don’t be sad Cheeky
    You will make us all sad too.
    Is that what you want???

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