An Ode To The Cheeky In All Of Us…

This is a wonderful post by my good friend, Natalie Beech.  She has a very nice message to tell you all about being yourself.  I’m sure you will enjoy it very much.  Please visit the lovely and talented Miss Natalie at her blog,  Natalie Elizabeth Beech.


This is a lesson in keeping my mouth shut, That I may or may not take.
“pick me pick me” I typed on that fateful day,I should have learned by now not to be such a willing victim!

Having spent every day since then trying to draft this bloody post I realize quite what an undertaking I had brought onto myself. Cheeky is a leg- end, a cheeky bloody legend and I am just a humble language whore.

Since reading Cheeky on an almost daily basis I have made connections with some wonderful people, who have followed,pingbacked and commented on my blog helping make it what it is today, a place I can ramble and people can come and share, even if its just to say hi,or thanks or “cute cat” (as was the case with El Guapo). I discovered “Romantic Mondays and the wonderfully prolific Mr Hotspur,I discovered wonderful,jealousy inducing Spam messages.. given that most of mine are “gfyghyffghihbfgih * insert link for counterfeit shoes here * dfhxfdyghu” I discovered one hell of a personality.

I think I also discovered a kindred romantic spirit.

Many of you probably know the story of Cheeky and her second husband~a reunion after years and finally getting a chance at their happily ever after.
You( because I never bloody shut up about him) probably also know of my husband Renato. And our many missed connections over the years following our one, long glimpse at a boat dock then a conversation that seemed to stop time in a crowded train carriage.


And so went my wedding vows.

I adore finding stories of love across the years, be it love at first sight or a first-love -gone-wrong because of youthful foolishness. I have to admit it is easier to find these stories endearing when you are in love yourself. I was quite the embittered youth.

Are you ever too old for a happy ending? Should you ever give up? Even after other relationships, children, whole lives?

geezer love

“When we get back to the hotel room, I’m going to crossword the heck out of you my love perhaps stay up til 7.”
“Oh Harold,You devil!”

I wonder, How rare of a thing is this that me and cheeky found? Is it even rare at all, should all hopeless romantics hold out for the one they found but slipped away?

I wonder these days am I a walking cliché? Married to the man she longingly stared at, wanted, never thought she could get, am I those women I spent my feminist adolescence hating?
Of course not, don’t worry I am not going to bring the serious.

Screw that and all it is about. I am in love and I freakin love it. You all should love it, you all should have what me and cheeky found.

Then write about it.

Blog and be “the naughty diva” or the “dishwashing diva” or the “semi professional language whore” it is never too late and you are never too old ( yes I AM 23 saying that)

Grab a picture of a 50’s domestic goddess and write, write your life and write you. Be you, make your blog you.

People will love you for it. And if they don’t, well its their loss.
This is something I think we can all take from Cheeky. Be yourself, allow yourself to have that blog where you post your cheeky thoughts, claim that part of yourself and do not be ashamed!

Allow yourself to be and good things will happen.

The Cheeky Diva, is more than just Julie, it is every woman whoever thought something politeness dictates she shouldn’t and who giggled to herself incredulously.

She is the woman beginning a new life and a new career. She is the woman tentatively taking her first steps into the social networking playground. She is the romantic, the mom, the writer, the career woman. She is US.

Girl power

Take a lesson from her, not the mouth shut lesson from me !

Be cheeky and awesome doing it.

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22 thoughts on “An Ode To The Cheeky In All Of Us…

  1. Cheeky always had such a negative connotation in my household growing up. Don’t be cheeky could be the prelude to a beating. I think this is why I have such a dry sense of humor – dry humor can sometimes be misunderstood as being serious. Now I’ve hit menopause – cheeky it is!!!

  2. Positively exhileratin’ post! Not only was our Dear Julie summed up perfectly, there were also vague allusions to the seemingly perfect man– so I feel I got a shout-out, too… : P

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