So, You Want To Be A Guest Diva?

Are you crazy?  Why on Earth would you want to do such a silly thing?  Before filling out the contact form, please head straight for the nearest mental health professional.  If they tell you that you are a hopeless head case and nothing can be done for you, then by all means, please come back and chat me up with your stellar thoughts for adding your words to make this blog better.  There certainly isn’t any way to make it worse!

I always tell my guest bloggers that I only have a couple of rules, and that’s still true.  Here they are:

1. Please keep swear words to a minimum, and no use of the “F” word or the “C” word.  A “damn!” “crap!” or “Holy shitballs, Batman!” thrown in for emphasis is totally cool, just don’t let the expletives smother your pithy writing.

Batman as he was depicted in Batman: The Anima...

2.It should be fun and lighthearted.  The sillier the better.  I encourage you to do whatever you do best, whether it’s poetry, recipes or parenting tips.  I have friends and readers from all walks of life and I want you to showcase your talents and interests here.

 This is actually more about you than it is me.  I just don’t have the time to give this blog what my faithful readers deserve at the moment.  For that, I am sad and sorry, so I appreciate all the help from other writers who keep breathing life into The Cheeky Diva. I am eternally grateful.

3. You may poke fun at things, but no offensive, racist, sexist or mean spirited thoughts please.  Although, skewering stupid celebrities who deserve it is highly encouraged.

4. Contrary to what you may have heard, the rumors going around the interweb are false.  There is no payment for doing this.  It’s merely a way to be seen by new readers.  Sorry, not even cookies.

So, them’s the rules.  Not too bad, right? You can fit your brilliance into those perameters, right?  I thought so.  Okay, let’s talk nuts and bolts:

~For now, I am showcasing guest bloggers on Wednesdays.  If I have a lot of takers, I will be happy to post more guest blog articles.

~WP regular readers and fans, if you want a spot, just let me know what day works, I’ll pencil you in.  I already know you are the world’s best bloggers.  You know I trust you and please feel free to write whatever you like.

~If you are new here, please say hello using the contact form and give me a link to your blog so that I have a chance to get to know you to make sure we are a good fit for each other. I’d be thrilled to add you to my list of badass bloggers.

~How to get your article from your head to my page?

-The best way is to write it right here in my dashboard.  I would be happy to give you access if you wish.

-Second best way-write it in your own blog and cut and paste it into an email.  Just as it is.  I can take it from there.  Doesn’t matter if you use or, or if you use that visual or the text editor.  I can handle it.

-Non preferred method–Word documents, PDF Documents or telepathy.  I have trouble with all three of those.

Alright, enough babbling.  Fill out that form and let’s see what you’re made of!

~If you agree to subject yourself to this kind of torture, part of the deal is being available for comment moderation on your scheduled day. ~

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