Thursday Haiku Madness It’s Spring! Or Is It?

It's Spring somewhere. Enjoy the pictures.

It’s Spring somewhere. Enjoy the pictures.

It’s here! It’s here! SPRING! Almost as exciting as the arrival of the new phone book, which consequently, happened yesterday also.

But, as is usually the case in Nebraska, Spring is a vile and ruthless temptress.  It was sunny but cold and windy here yesterday, and there is a chance of snow.

Spring will show her pretty face soon enough, just long enough to coax the delicate flowers into bloom before smashing them to a pulp with tennis ball sized hail.

Then she will taunt us one more time by giving us warm breezes that waft through our wispy stalks of Earl May ornamental grass, just minutes before said grass is sucked up by the roots in a tornado…..

At which point, she will pass the baton to her even more cruel sister, Summer, who will bake us in a steam bath until we are crying for Fall and Winter again.

Funny how those seasons work. Always making us dream of the good times, wishing they were here, and then when they arrive, we can’t wait to be rid of them fast enough so we can have the next one.

Such is the circle of life, for everything there is a season or some such crap. OK, let’s haiku already!


Hasn’t sprung just yet

But it won’t be much longer

Till things grow and bloom


Green grass, leaves, flowers

But in your yard man, not mine

I’m a lazy bum


If I can’t mow it

Then it’s too much work for me

Lame, black-thumbed Diva


Soon bunnies frolic

And scamper through my back yard

For my dog to eat


Not really people!

I’d never let her do that!

But she does try hard


Weather slow to turn

Some areas still snowy

But patient we are  (yeah right)


But it could be worse

Could be having tonsils out

Good luck today bud!

Alright friends, your turn!  We’re still hashtagging for Eric from Flies Over Nebraska today, so hop on over to Twitter and share the fun!

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28 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness It’s Spring! Or Is It?

  1. The flowers spring forth,
    The birds and the bees are out.
    And here comes the sun.

    The flowers shrivel,
    The summer heat dries them out.
    And here comes the wind.

    The flowers send seeds,
    Scattering in the fall gales.
    And here comes the snow.

    The flowers hide now,
    Buried in the winter soil.
    And then the snow melts.

    The flowers spring forth…

      • Your comments on how the seasons all sort of blur together and we always wish for the one we aren’t in inspired me to go through the cycle! It kind of felt like cheating, but, yeah, I’m happy with how it turned out. Plus, I like being called badass. 😀

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