Check Out This Bodacious Blogger And Her Vintage Bling!

I mentioned a few weeks back that I have a large collection of vintage jewelry. Yeah, that’s me in the feature image, circa 1984, will you look at those ginormous earrings?  I probably still have them.

Some of my girl blog friends wanted to see it, and urged me to write a post about it.  Well, you know what happened with that…absolutely nothing.  I am the worst blogger ever!  I can’t even take the time to take pictures of my own stuff and shove it in your face.



Enchanted Seashells to the rescue!  Princess Rosebud, a close personal friend, has joined the list of wonderful people who are breathing life back into this formerly fun blog.

Princess Rosebud has quite a collection herself, and has been awesome enough to share it with us.  These are some very lovely pieces, so I’m sure you will enjoy seeing them as much as I did!

Thanks again to my friend Enchanted Seashells, AKA Mrs. Tugboat Captain! Please read her fabulous blog HERE where you can hear great stories about vintage treasures and life as the wife of a sea captain!


Get your SPARKLE on with Vintage Treasures

The Cheeky Diva herself has graciously allowed me to share some of my Enchanted Seashells vintage jewelry collection with her faithful readers.

I’ve been so busy with my tugboat man getting home after six weeks of being out to sea and my son and DIL coming the day after and me doing 24/7 cooking and cleaning that I am feeling not-so-snarky so I apologize for not including any of my normally colorful commentary! Plus, I’m so PISSED at Sears for my lemon of an oven that breaks down so often that I can’t count on it and oops it did it again, just as I was putting my son’s birthday cake in to bake. So, mainly I’m on an I-Hate-Sears rant. 

Some of the vintage jewelry I chose are finds from thrift stores or consignment shops, others are passed down from my mom and my aunt. Everyone in my family knows that I am totes obsessed with sparkles and gems–real or costume!

I’m like a little packrat or a magpie for shiny objects and I can spot a gem a mile away. My neighbors have discarded boxes of what they called “junk” and I’ve “rescued” their costume jewelry and even a genuine gem or two.

Please enjoy the following treasures!

Some of the sparkles are missing, but I love this forties brooch. It’s pretty big, about four inches tall.
From my mom, vintage Monet, I believe the late sixties, a necklace and matching bracelet.
One of my favorites from my mom, a forties collar necklace with little bells. I’m not sure what it’s made out of–maybe bronze??
An Original by Robert design brooch from a thrift store.
The cufflinks on the left are Imperial jade in 18K gold and the others are mother-of-pearl and onyx in Mexican silver.
From my mom again, vintage Santa Fe turquoise and silver.
From Paris 1940’s, handmade silver and enamel.


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24 thoughts on “Check Out This Bodacious Blogger And Her Vintage Bling!

    • It doesn’t take jewelry to be cool friend, looks like EC and I both had the benefit of moms and grammies who liked shiny stuff. I don’t wear any of it anymore. I wear the same necklace every day, my wedding ring, and about once a week, I might wear earrings. But just the one pair I leave laying around in the bathroom. I’m not a blingy girl anymore at all. You’re awesomesauce just the way you are!

  1. Oooooooo sparkly! Well, not for me, but I’m always on the look out for sparkly stuff for the wife. She, er, um, loves the stuff. Yeah, that fits quite nicely.

  2. I love that brooch! I always had a pin or brooch on my suit when I used to work in the real world. I always looked for vintage pieces and had the most compliments on those pieces. Very nice bling. 🙂

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