Hey there! Remember me?

Hi kids, it’s me this time.  That gal you know and love (well, I have been known to exaggerate.) My old friends know I’m busy attending to more pressing matters, like schooling myself in the ways of the internets and all of this social media business, so I can write for Just Unfollow and their shiny new BLOG.

For my new friends, I’d like to invite you to take a look around Cheekydivaville as there is much to see.  Over 200 mediocre posts for you to enjoy if you try really hard.

So for any unfortunate soul who happens on this page, please feel free to scroll down to the archives to see what silliness this place used to hold, and hopefully will do so again in the future.

If you’re the curious type, you could type any or all of the following terms in the search bar: Silicone Caulk, Hawaiian Punch, Tarzan, Resident Evil or just about any old subject.  There’s bound to be something on the other end.  Clicking on the categories will also pull up a host of wordy words I wrote all by myself. With real words even!

I really miss this dusty old blog.  It’s full of cobwebs in here, and when I walked in, I could swear I saw Miss Havisham from Great Expectations over there in the corner.  Jeez! What a creepy old broad she was.

The Cheeky Diva? Why, she hasn't been here in years! Can't you tell by looking at this place?

The Cheeky Diva? Why, she hasn’t been here in years!
Can’t you tell by looking at this place?

I really need to get here more often than once a week to thrust the crappy haikus on all of my friends who I’ve had so much fun with in the last few months.  Until I do, you can always find me on Twitter, and a lot of you know my email too.

I’m still lurking, reading, trying to stay a part of this wonderful community.  Please tune in tomorrow to read the words of my friend and guest blogger, Princess Rosebud from Enchanted Seashells.  And of course, it wouldn’t be Thursday without some of the worst haikus ever penned.

Did you see that last post Cheeky wrote? My heavens! I can't WAIT to tell her she's all but forgotten!

Did you see that last post Cheeky wrote? My heavens! How pathetic!
I can’t WAIT to tell her she’s all but forgotten!

I’m sticking in a few of my old favorites at the bottom for those of you who haven’t been here before.  Thanks so much for stopping by, I’ll see you soon!

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21 thoughts on “Hey there! Remember me?

  1. I was thinking about you today and wanting to drop you an email, but then I thought I would run over to Just Unfollow and see what you are writing, but I’ve been so crazy busy (and Rich has been home sick for two days) that I never made it. So glad you are busy though; that means things are going well. 🙂

    • Hey there! I’ve been meaning to email you myself, another thing I haven’t gotten done. Tell Rich to get better. How go the book sales? I’m just starting number 3. It’s so much fun, but I can’t seem to get very far. I wait until I’m too sleepy to read very far. Talk soon, right?

      • I’ll probably even join in this time, rather than doing my requests for more cold and snow like I’ve done the last couple times. The snow resort we like has plenty of snow now to last until we should be able to make it up there. So, come on spring!

    • Funny you should mention that. My freezer broke and my special 1st anniversary cake was in there. A gift from the friend who made our wedding cake. Sadly, the cake had to be thrown out with everything else in that freezer, dammit. So, henceforth, all the cake at my house will be new. Just call before you come over. 🙂

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