Thursday Haiku Madness!!!! Random Ramblings

Actor portrayal, individual results may vary.

Today, got nothing

To fill the haiku pages

help me out please friends


Here’s some oddball pics

Completely unrelated

Just fun to look at

Yes, this is my real life cookie sheet, in my real life oven, with a real life Spinach and Ham Tart I really made.  Impressive, mainly because it's not served with gravy.

So write me some lines

5-7-5 if you please

Too quiet round here


Tell me ’bout your day

How you plan to save the world

Or just hang at home

Batman And Robin

I have no idea

Told you it would be random

You didn’t believe?

Big Bubble

Someday when I’m done

Being a world class loser

I won’t need your help


Where’s the fun in that?

It’s the give and take we love

Not much without you


So let’s hear it folks!

I know you can do better

Get your haiku on!

Oh my heavens, Hortence! Can you even believe how lame this blog is getting?  We should totally unfollow!

Oh my heavens, Hortence! Can you even believe how lame this blog is getting? We should totally unfollow!

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40 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!!!! Random Ramblings

  1. Get my haiku on,
    I don’t know where to begin?
    Oh, I guess I have.

    These lines are for you,
    Dearest of dear cheeky ones.
    May they bring a smile.

    They aspire further,
    perhaps to save this world.
    Can lines wear a cape?

    What name should it have,
    This superhero haiku?
    This bringer of smiles?

  2. My daughter is sick
    today. Home with a stomach
    bug. Not fun at all.

    But I’m a happy
    girl, because I met a new
    guy. He’s amazing.

    So that’s the news here.
    Hope it all works out, but my
    friend is worried that

    too much happiness
    leads to no more good writing.
    But poetry rules!

    • That’s Daisy The Wonder Mutt! She doesn’t write, she just tweets on occasion. But she’s great at chewing through telephone cords. No interweb tonight for a couple of hours. Lousy dog.

    • Oh, the pot always has room for more here! Thanks for thinking this terrible post was cute. I’m relying on the generosity of strangers to fill up my pages lately. Ha ha

  3. Darker Times: a series

    Losing war raging
    From one tick to another tock
    Death’s relentless clock

    Some days, I can cope;
    I can roll with the punches.
    But today, I can’t.

    My melancholy
    Occasional visitor
    My dark guiding muse

    My thoughts are cloudy.
    What is it that troubles me?
    Writing seems to help.

    and others

    First five, now seven, then five

    Simple deception
    First five, now seven, then five
    Simply difficult

    Persistent pursuit
    First five, then seven, now five
    Excellence attained:

    Saffron and crimson
    Monastic missionaries
    Buddhist holy men

    Eastern discipline
    First five, now seven, then five
    Brings me inner peace

    Scientific Haikus

    Fever, aches and pains?
    Try C9H8O4.
    Buffered, if you please.

    Stink of rotten eggs.
    Is it H2SO4,
    Or fire and brimstone?

    The scientifics I have published once before. The others eight are my precious virgins. They have been living in digital darkness for six years. Be gentle with them.

    Submitted for your approval …… from the twilight zone.

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  5. Eating some ice cream
    Eleven forty at night
    yum yum yum yum yum

    I did have long hair
    Took scissors last week and cut
    Shorter on one side

    Enough random crap
    See you tomorrow sometime
    I am done counting

    (Love your dog at the computer.)

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