I won’t say that I have my finger on the pulse or my foot on the throat of what’s happening in Internet Land, but since I’m now writing a blog for a social media company, I am trying to be much more aware of what’s happening in cyberspace.  This week there were some big winners and losers, and a lot of fun things happening out there.  Here’s my misinformed recap of some recent highlights.

1.  The Oscars.  Of course we love to see the dresses, the jewelry, the dashing and handsome hunks. We thrill to see the endless production drag on with lame show tunes and never ending speeches.  But this year, the addition of the “Mani-Cam” was hot news!  Really?  Who cares what your nail polish looks like?  I was watching the Twitter feed on Tweetdeck during the show, and sadly, even with all the pomp and circumstance, the news of the night was about what John Mayer likes to call “Girly Parts”.  Anne Hathaway, get a new stylist. (Although I must admit you looked lovely) and The Onion, well, there are  just no words.

This is Anne, finding out that her nipples have their own Twitter account

This is Anne, finding out that her nipples have their own Twitter account

2. Yahoo!~ Congratulations!  Good way to alienate an entire segment of hard working, intelligent people, by telling them that they just can’t be productive if left to their own devices.  You also managed to make yourself look like people no one wants to work for, which is probably fine, since if a potential employee has to live close enough to work in your home office, the talent pool available to you has just dried up.  You were trending on Twitter yesterday, and #noyoucantworkfromhome kept me and some of my Twitter pals laughing all day.  Way to go!

I was perfectly happy working at home, enjoy the benefits of creative bursts and working in my bathrobe, but..Yahoo! I'll be in on Monday

I was perfectly happy working at home, enjoying my low fat fro-yo, the benefits of creative bursts and working in my bathrobe, but..Yahoo! I’ll be in on Monday

3. Horsemeat. You sneaky little devil! You seem to be turning up everywhere!  Like an uninvited guest that shows up every Christmas.

Come on! This is USDA Prime! Well, he would be, if the USDA graded horse meat. 5 bucks a pound on the hoof, and not a penny less.

Come on! This is USDA Prime! Well, he would be, if the USDA graded horse meat. He talks, for Pete’s sake! That shit is rare! 5 bucks a pound on the hoof, and not a penny less.

4. President ObamaOur fearless leader had a little slip of the tongue when he revealed not one, but two top secret bits of homeland security information.  It appears that the Jedi now have access to the Vulcan mind meld, and that we are using it.  Thanks for blowing the lid off of our secret spy netwerk!  Maybe you need to call Dr. Who, Mr. President, and see if he can hook you up with one of them thar Tatooine Cloaking Devices.  Cuz now that the way we get information has  been made public, we are more vulnerable than ever.



This week’s big winners!

So, there’s my pick for losers of the week.  Who came out on top?

1. Instagram! 

instagram (1)


100 Million users and counting.  I just started using this myself, and I am LOVING seeing Nina Garcia’s runway photos.  If you aren’t using this yet, jump on! All the cool kid are doing it!


  And, unless you’ve been under a rock, you must know that in recent days, we have all fallen in love with a screaming goat.  Adorable, right?

What were your favorite wacky stories from the interweb this week?

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19 thoughts on “WWW Dot WTF?

  1. Ah! Thanks for this summary of current events. With this knowledge at my fingertips, now I can participate in water-cooler conversations. Except that I don’t work in a pace that has water-coolers. Darn. Well, at least I will understand a few of the items on my twitter feed now… And in defense of our president – I never know when to use the meld or the trick either. 🙂

    • You are the first Vulcan Jedi I have ever met. I am duly impressed. So glad I could bring you up to speed on the oh-so-important current events unfolding. Ha ha….whatever.

  2. Read this in bed this morning on my Nook. 😉 I really like this weekly recap and hope you’ll do more of it. The picture of Anne is funny, and although I saw your twitter feeds about not working from home, I didn’t realize what that was about – now I do! 🙂

    • Thanks! It was an idea that struck me in the middle of the night last night, …people who work from home are always on the clock, aren’t they? Take that! Yahoo! Anyway, it was an idea for the Just Unfollow blog, but wasn’t sure it was something they would like.

      Well, they do, and this post has already been put there too. 🙂

  3. I like this segment. Do you do this every week? If not, maybe you should. Is Instagram really that big of a deal? I’ll admit I haven’t done. I guess I’m not cool enough. Is it worth the trouble?

    • I’m writing a blog for JustUnfollow now, and this was an idea I wanted to try here before I pitched it to them. They liked it, so I’ll probably be doing the same type of thing at blog.justunfollow.com every week. So, read silly stuff about anything and everything here, and stuff about social media with a humorous twist there.


    • Oh, and Instagram is a big deal. People just post pictures and comments on them. You can like, comment and follow. Simple, but very cool, especially if you follow people who live in or visit awesome places or stuff like that.

  4. OK, am I crazy or did your whole blog change? I seem to remember a pin-up girl . . . I thought I was on the wrong site. Thanks for the updates on current news.

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