Thursday Haiku Madness!!!

Hey Kids!

Here we are again, yet another Thursday, and your craptastic haiku depository is open for business!  Today, like most days right now, I’m feeling pretty irritated with the weather.  We are itching to see something green around here besides the street signs.    So, here are some lovely springy type pictures to brighten your day and inspire some of the lamest haikus to ever pollute the interwebs!

images (64)

Time for some color

Besides gray and white and brown

Come on spring! Unfold (already)

images (65)

I don’t like to mow

But I really miss green grass

sprout, little blades, sprout!

images (66)

Tree in my back yard

No blossoms or berries yet,

Hel-Lo! I’m waiting!

download (2)

Lovely parks empty

Anxious to see them lively

Hope groundhog was right.

Okay, I’ve got you started, and provided you with loverly inspiring pictures.  Let have some haikus already! We’re not getting any younger!

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41 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!!!

  1. I like the flowers…
    I could watch them for hours…
    In gentle showers…

    I love the flowers…
    In their ivory towers…
    Like small Matt Lauers…

    I adore flowers…
    They have magical powers…
    Until it sours…

  2. Spring can wait a bit,
    Boo me if you feel like it,
    I want to go board.

    Kiddo on the way,
    Has meant no time in the snow,
    This long, cold winter.

    Kiddo almost here,
    Means if there is still some snow,
    We can go this spring.

    So keep your wishes,
    For color and warmth and greens,
    To your bloody selves!

  3. Supine from a slip,
    I lay, angry, on the ice.
    This job ain’t worth it.

    (A true story. commuting to a bad job at an ungodly hour in a freezing February long ago, I slipped and fell (in a suit) on the way to the bus. Got in to work and gave my notice. Just wasn’t worth it.)

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