Daily Prompt~ Happily Ever After

Today’s Prompt~ “And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’ll spare you.  I’m not going to go there.  Those of you who read me know that I am, indeed, living happily after, but I’m not going to post another sappy love story to make you gag.

You’re welcome.

What I’d rather do instead is say that while I’m not quite living “happily ever after” in the professional sense, a very bright future may be on the horizon, and I am so busy with writing projects, that it has left little time for my wacky little blog.

Someday, I plan to leave my mundane day job behind and devote my time to writing.  I’m hoping that day comes in the near future, but, I would be remiss if I didn’t jump on this prompt to say thank you to all who played a part in getting me there, and wishing them the most happiest of ever afters ~EVER.

When I started this blog last summer, I hadn’t a clue.  I hadn’t written in years, was very unfamiliar with the blogosphere, and knew nothing of social media or its impact on the world outside of Facebook.

If it weren’t for Word Press, and all of the lovely people I’ve met because of it, I would still be sitting in a corner every day, wondering what I am going to do with my life.

Thanks in no small part to my fellow bloggers and readers, I now have the confidence to go out on a limb to follow my dreams.

You have supported and encouraged me, taught and mentored me, laughed at my jokes and puffed up my ego when it needed a boost.

In following and reading you, I have picked up tips and tricks, learned the ropes, and become familiar with the  blogging community and it’s etiquette.

Blogging has introduced me to so many people, from all walks of life.  I feel a connection with so many of you now that  if I have a question about almost any topic, I know who to ask, and can count on you for guidance.

I have found friends here.  Some who’ve become close friends, even though we’ve never met.

Writing a blog has also brought me closer to those I know in real life, and helped me see that a creative spark in a person should always be encouraged and nurtured, and I hope I support that in all of you I know and love in real life as well, as you’ve done for me in recent months.

For all these things and more, I am eternally grateful.  My writing career may never take off like a rocket.  You will probably never read my humor column on “The Last Page“, or get to see me fall down as I ascend the steps to graciously receive my Oscar…..

But that’s fine with me.  For now, I am writing, and people are reading.  Most of my free time is devoted to writing now, even though you aren’t seeing it here for the time being.  Just know that the ideas are still coming, and they are being heard and appreciated.

So today, as I think of how my dream of being a writer was resurrected, I not only thank you, dear friends, but wish the same for you.  Whether you are struggling, or already on your way to your happy ending, I wish you the best, and if I can help you out in some small way, please let me know.

It’s my sincere wish that you find your “Happily Ever After“, no matter what it is and I want to share a sappy song with you, that is gonna make you cry.


Love ya all, and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for my special guest blogger Jill, who takes us back to the 80’s!

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46 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~ Happily Ever After

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  5. I really like this post- it’s uplifted me quite a lot in a phase of my life that i feel may be similar to where you describe you originally came from when starting your blog. I just hope I can find as much inspiration, ideas and confidence to pursue my dreams like you have. I wish you as much as a happy ever after as is possible!

    • Hello there and thank you! I hope this works, as I’m answering from my phone. Word Press, both dot com and dot org went kaput on me while I was trying to answer you’re comment-I was also working on a draft, I hope I didn’t lose too much…..anyway…I was going to say..thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m so glad I could give you a lift. Word Press is an amazing community, and in time, if you’re new here, you will be thrilled at all the knowledge and encouragement that is shared here. Thank you again for your thoughts. 🙂

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  9. I hope you make it very big in your writing career! I wish you could share with me some tips on making money with writing now, so I can build up my writing platform. I have excellent proof reading skills & have great grammar skills too.

  10. I love sappy stories. And I especially love your story, TCD (Julie?). I can read your love story thousands of times and that is because I believe in first love and happy endings. Having living proofs of these just makes me happy.
    I am so glad that things are working out for you on the professional front as well. I love reading your blog and I wish all the best for your future 🙂

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