Thursday Haiku Madness!

Ho hum and barf and all that stuff.  I’m stuck at work today, depsite Winter Storm Q, while everyone else is frolicking in the snow or getting reacquainted with their beloved DVR.

So, since there appears to be too much time and not enough to fill it, let’s do something fun…like HAIKUS!!!!

Yay!!!!! Isn’t that what we do every Thursday anyway?

No theme today, no rhyme or reason, just let ‘er rip.  Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses, I’ll be here all day.



This is what it looks like where I work. Not a customer for miles. *sigh*


Rather be at home

With Mr. C and Daisy

Snow Day” would be cool


Hope to be let go

To build a badass snow fort

Who am I kidding?


Old lady build fort?

Not with my rhoo-muh-tism

Asking for trouble


Tell me bout your day

What’s it like outside your door?

Stuck at work as well?


Here’s some random pics

To enlighten and inspire

Yeah right, whatever




This is my sweet-tooth.  See how powerless I am against it?

Isn't she lovely?

images (16)

Johnny's mom has a the hots for me?  That's just wrong.


Here is an awesome picture with a hand written haiku from my friend Eric at Flies Over Nebraska.  He’s in Lincoln, and enjoying his favorite indoor hobby on his very rare “Snow Day” from his job at the University Of Nebraska.  Thank you so much Big E!!!!  Enjoy your day!



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23 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!

    • LOL! Thanks! That’s too funny! That cake can be yours! I use the recipe on the Hershey’s Cocoa can. I follow the recipe to the letter, except that I use buttermilk instead of plain milk, and my own buttercream frosting recipe, as theirs is wayyyyyy too chocolatey.

  1. Snow? Snow? What is that?
    Oh, the powder I visit,
    While on vacation.

    No snow trips this year.
    Silly bun in the oven,
    And that’s all she wrote.

    Soon, so very soon,
    Wife and I and kiddo too,
    Will be on the slopes.

    Save us some snow please.
    We’d be ever so grateful,
    If you’d be so kind.

    • You can have it all
      Do they make skis for babies?
      Responsible dad?

      Won’t be long now, pal
      Hold your bundle of joy soon!
      So happy for you!

      Kids they grow so fast
      Won’t be long before you hear~
      “Can I have the keys?”


      • Keys? Scary, scary…
        The years will go much too fast,
        Not ready for that.

        Little ones on boards,
        I’ve seen shredding down the slopes,
        Tethered to parents.

      • Oh boy! My kids would have loved that~ My youngest just turned 20. I really miss where you are at right now. Enjoy it to the fullest my friend, and please check out the blog of my friend Eric, who’s tweet I added to this post. His posts that show his fishing trips with his little daughter are absolutely priceless.

      • Anything and everything that tickles your fancy – something uniquely you, some haiku, or a spin-off of any of my normal posts. I’m not in a super rush because I don’t “need” them until the end of next month (when the kiddo will be showing up)… Wanted to give people plenty of time to come up with stuff (or stuph in the case of our favorite storm trooper). Thank you!!

    • I do plan to post the recipe. It’s easy as cake…er…pie. I’m working on starting a food blog, where I’ll post a recipe a week and hopefully review new products and gadgets. I’m building it over at Tumblr, but it’s very slow going, as I have so much on my plate, and am basically a dummy.

  2. The picture of snow
    Is other-worldly you know
    I’ve seen snow three times

    In Australia
    it’s warmi-ish in the winter
    We still wear t-shirts

    Sometimes a jumper
    It sometimes snows a little bit
    In the mountains

    To see snow you must
    Travel quite far to the snow fields
    Which happens rarely

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