Remember I asked for guest bloggers?

Well, I found this letter in my inbox shortly after the request.  This is from our blog pal Jill, who writes the delightful blog, Mind Of  A Mouse.  I can’t wait to see what she will come up with for next Wednesday, but I thought her letter  was too funny not to share with you guys.  What do you think?  Isn’t she great????

Please check out her blog, and why not give her a topic to write about in the comments?  I’m sure she could handle any subject with a great sense of humor and I think after reading this, you will look forward to her guest post as much as I am.

Thanks for sticking with me while I’m otherwise engaged, and yes, there will be haiku’s tomorrow.  Make em good, people, I’m toying with the idea of compiling all of the haiku hijinx into a book when we hit our Thursday Haiku Anniversary.

Okay, on to the good stuff…..


Dear Ms. Cheeky Diva,

I’d like to offer my services as a guest blogger to your site while you wander in search of your cheekiness.

My qualifications are as follows:
1) I am a blogger, a wannabe writer, a thinker of thoughts both shallow and deep.


Not my dog or my blanket – just a cute picture because a guest post application needs a cute picture. (Photo credit: PrincessFroglips)

2) I believe your readers would find me familiar as we have something in common: I also make blanket-like things with my hands, as you are doing with that beautiful quilt. I, however, make them with yarn and a crochet hook. And while your creation looks worthy of being framed, and mine looks like something the dog used, both can provide warmth and comfort for loved ones, whether human or canine.

3) I currently possess more ideas than I can possibly use myself on my own blog. (And I don’t say that as if it is a good thing. The ideas bounce around inside my brain and I find myself sitting at the computer typing away for hours, distracted from doing things like cleaning my house or showering or eating.) I am told that posting ten or twenty times a day is not a successful method of attracting new followers. So perhaps I should spread my blargesse (and I make up my own words too!) all over other people’s sites. Share and share alike, right?

If you choose to invite me to your blog, here are the sorts of posts I could provide:
1) Very short stories about imaginary people doing imaginary things. Typically known as Flash Fiction, it is an area in which I apparently excel, as my Freshly Pressed widget proclaims. ( I wonder though – I know most people, when freshly pressed, tend to double their follower count. I don’t want to complain, but going from 5 to 10 didn’t really help much. And I really don’t think it counts that my mom signed up three times, once with each of her married names and once with her maiden name.)

2) I’m full of funny, true-life stories. I honed my sense of humor through years of telling amusing stories to my family at the dinner table. Nothing like a captive audience shoveling food into their mouths to practice ones craft on. Ok – ‘amusing’ isn’t quite right. Perhaps ‘self-depreciating and thereby laughable?’ Not sure. I have a category called ‘Humor’ on my blog site but I have yet to click that box for a post. My seemingly funny posts always start well and then they trail off into….

3) I am also a geek-girl, which is super popular these days. Not like when I was in school and I had to disguise my multi-sided dice as ironic jewelry. I like to write about the sci/fi and fantasy authors I love and the online games I play. These posts are perhaps more self-indulgent than entertaining, but what is a blog if not the ultimate form of self-indulgence? We all just type away, filling the screen with our thoughts about this and that, hoping to entertain the masses and receive their love in the form of a click on a certain button.

In conclusion, I hope that you will consider my application for the post of guest blogger. Of course, I wish a swift return of your own bloggable ideas. Because honestly, I enjoy reading your posts almost as much as I like reading my own.

Your devoted follower,
(Mind of a Mouse)

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31 thoughts on “Remember I asked for guest bloggers?

  1. Oh… I thought you asked for a blessed logger, and I didn’t have a spare laying around…
    I like the new kid. In fact, I think she should just do your blog all the time. And you can do hers… let’s mix things up a little.

  2. Thank you, Oh Cheeky One, for helping me spread myself, oh I mean my words, all over the blog-o-sphere. Yet another step in my plan for world domination. Bwaahaha!!! 😉

    Seriously though, thank you. I am honored.

    • Fantastic letter! I’m scampering (like a mouse) over to your place to follow. Any friend of Cheeky’s is worth a follow! 🙂 Can’t wait for your guest post!

      Hi Julie! Off to Mom’s today. Talk to you later. Shoot an update my way whenever you have any news. Hope your birthday was great fun!

  3. How in the world did I not know about this person before? She has a new follower now as I followed the link you provided & read half a dozen of her past posts. She writes like I think!

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