Thursday Haiku Valentine’s Madness!!!! Weeeeee!



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Today is all about love, and chocolate, and lingerie and fancy dinners, sappy songs, champagne toasts and other barfy, lovey dovey  stuff like that.  It’s also about fun~Don’t forget how much fun love can be, and if it doesn’t make you laugh, something’s not quite right.  Today let’s have some haikus about love, people!  Love for your mate, your parents, your kids, friends, pets, whatever!!! Whoever you love, give them a shout out today in your haikus!!!

 I wrote my awesome husband, Mr. The Cheeky Diva a mushy poem for the Daily Prompt this morning, so if you want to read that too, please click HERE 

Okay, enough.  Let’s have a little Valentine’s Day fun!


Love to see your face!

It makes me feel all gooey!

You so smokin hot!


Make me laugh long time

How my days with you are spent

Funny Valentine


To my darling kids

I hold you all so dear….now

That you’ve moved out


Big heart boxer shorts

My romantic gift to you

Wish I forgotted?


Where’s my chocolates?

Does this mean you think I’m fat?

Well…huh….that’s way harsh


Love you till you’re old

Even when your teeth fall out

You lucky bastard


I know, I know, you’re so overcome with emotion after my outpouring of love that you can barely contain yourself.  Well, don’t!  Get to haiku-ing already!


~For even more Valentine’s Day fun for Twitter users~ go to the hashtags #candyheartrejects and #romancefilms  Super funny stuff!!!

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31 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Valentine’s Madness!!!! Weeeeee!

  1. Well this explains why the other poem was such a haikuy mess… it wasn’t haiku at all… I thought you had lost the ability to count to 5… and 7… The other one is so much sweeter. This is nice, but I am beginning to think that haiku places so much of a limit that it stiffles the meaning to some degree. Like Twitter and their small amount of letters.

  2. You silly kitties,
    Playing with your mice, so cute.
    You make my heart melt.

    Flowing Kings River,
    Swift and icy cold, you are.
    I find peace on you.

    Gorgeous wife of mine,
    Silly, crazy, wonderful.
    I’m lost without you.

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