Daily Prompt-Cupid’s Arrow

valentine sally

When first I saw you
I knew my heart was yours
Forever and forever
Come what may

We were young and naive
And I was frivolous and selfish
I couldn’t hold on to you
My pride got in the way

Many years without you
Though I longed for you each day
Life seemed so empty
And had little meaning

And then fate stepped in
And by a miracle I found you
You loved me still
And had kept my heart with you
All those years

A life apart had
Taught us well, my love
To never take for granted
What we share

Today we share our very first
Valentine’s Day as man and wife
With all the sparks and passion
As we had so long ago

We’re very blessed, dear husband
And I cherish you so much
Knowing what life was without you
Not much of a life at all

So happy that you are mine again
To have and hold once more
Forever and forever
Come what may

Happy Valentine’s Day, my Sweet Baboo, I love you like no other

For Today’s Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow

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25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt-Cupid’s Arrow

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    • It’s funny how this morning went. We exchanged our Valentine’s cards right after we got up-like two kids opening Christmas presents, (his made me cry by the way) and then we went about our morning routine. I always play with our rowdy puppy while he’s getting ready for work. I get the Daily Prompt in my email at 7 am so I saw this one and wrote my little poem on my cell phone with my thumbs while I was kicking tennis balls down the hall for the mad dog to fetch.

      When he came downstairs, he was a little taken aback, as he gets my blog posts delivered to his email, so he had just read it on his cell phone.

      “Did you just write this, baby?” He said. He felt all warm and mushy. I love to surprise him like that whenever I can.


      • Super cute! I kissed my wife goodbye on my way out the door, she was still sleeping (I get up at 5AM and she gets up around 9). That is probably the extent of our romance today – I won’t see her again until 11 or so tonight. I might, maybe, per chance, write her a poem today – that does seem like something I would do.

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  3. It’s always so wonderful to read a happy love story, especially one that is so well written. Happy Valentine’s day to both of you..may every coming V day be as special as today….or maybe a little more πŸ™‚

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