Daily Prompt~All About Me-Did you think I’d let this one slip by?

Today’s Prompt

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

The Cheeky Diva

Hmmmm….that sounds like a GREAT name for a blog, doesn’t it?  You bet it does! Why did I chose that name?  Well, I wanted people to know what they were getting before they even clicked here.

A “Diva” is someone who’s Absolutely Fabulous! Darling!  , but a “cheeky” diva in my mind is someone who just thinks she’s fabulous,when in truth she is woefully misguided and usually wrong.   But does her writing with such an adorkable flair that people just can’t help return for more wacky madcap adventures.

I know that I tend to get a little waaaa-haaa-haaa every so often and haven’t been blogging much lately, but I hope the never ending and unattainable quest for fabulous is what you see  when you come here.

The name The Cheeky Diva means a lot to me because that’s what I am.  I’m a very “cheeky” person, who really wishes that in real life I could be  “diva”.

Hoping to return to this blog with renewed energy and more useless information very soon my friends, and I promise, I’m not going to blow off the haiku’s this Thursday, as it is Valentine’s Day.  So please, be thinking of your most romantical haikus!

-By the way, I am still very much looking for more guest bloggers, so please feel free to drop me a line via comment, email, or contact me through my “About” page.

See ya soon, my blog pals.

Cheeky Diva Logo

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52 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~All About Me-Did you think I’d let this one slip by?

  1. I reeeeeehhheeeellly like your site name. I could see myself being a cheeky diva too, I’m sure there’s a few of us out there, we could all wear pink feather boas and have tea on Tuesdays.. Lol. Very clever you are! Good print, thanks for sharring a link. 😉

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  6. “Cytherea” is an alternate name for the Greek goddess Aphrodite, referring to her birth walking fully grown out of the ocean. It means “she comes from the waters.” I read that in about 3rd grade in a book about Greek mythology, and just loved it. Fell in love with the name completely. So I’ve used it for many things since then, including my first personal e-mail account in 1997. Fast forward to early 2012, when my holistic healer told me, in our first meeting, that she felt like I was a goddess of love incarnate. And then I told her about my other name, and she just glowed with happiness. And I’ve always had very vivid dreams – dreams that change my life and advance the story and help me make sense of everything around me.

    So it seemed pretty wonderful to me to call my blog Cytherean Dreams, when I started it. It just fits me. And boy, do I write about love a lot :).

  7. Wait a minute! I always thought the “Cheeky” bit stood for “tongue-in-cheek,” snarky, sarcastic, show-off, know-it-all etc… But, now you are saying it means you are “woefully misguided and usually wrong?” Say it ain’t so!? I’m going to have to go back and reread everything with this new perspective.

      • Thanks my dear! Loving my new place! Have been averaging the same number of clicks per day for the last 3 days as my old blog. I just hope people start subscribing! I just poasted 3 new Chick Fil A knock off recipes today. Yay! I’m going to gain 10 lbs. in the next month from my Chicken Strip intake. OY!

      • I skipped 10 minute trainer and bought P90X years ago. Worked the first time. I got all sexy again after 2 kids. Then Jon got me preggo with the twins. I’ve learned my lesson. Hot mamma = pregnant mamma!

  8. I love your blog name. To be honest i was a little envious about not choosing such a cool name for my blog. I bet you cameup with it quickly. I also like the featured image on your blog. It all fits perfetly with the content of the site and even leaves your choices open to post about various topics.
    Would love some romantic Haiku on Valentine’s day!

    • Woo hoo! I hope you’ll drop by and leave some of your own. I found out after I named my blog that there’s a line of cosmetics called Cheeky Diva. Oops. I had no idea. And no one has ever told me to change the name, so for now, I’ll stick with it.

      And yeah, it does leave me open to answer “Um, I don’t know” when someone asks me, “So, what is your blog all about?”. 😉

      • Oh yeah, Before i started following you, i searched you on google but i remembered only Cheeky Diva and the cosmetic line website came up. I was like wow, she owns a cosmetic line. Later i found out otherwise.

  9. I want more “wacky madcap adventures!” I read that line and all of a sudden I was a little kid watching “I Love Lucy” with my grandmother. Thanks for the trip down memory lane… 🙂

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