I’m so lonesome I could die…No not me, silly! That’s the title of the episode!

Hey kids! Here is this weeks recap/review of the awesome Syfy show, Being Human that my friends at Forces Of Geek were kind enough to foist on an unsuspecting world last evening.  Hope you like.  If you guys haven’t seen this show yet, I am giving you a not so gentle nudge to check it out.  The first two seasons are available for your viewing enjoyment on the Netflix.


This week’s episode of Being Human opens with Josh (Sam Huntington) and Nora (Kristen Hager) being roused from their bed at 3 am to a loud party in their living room.  It seems that Aidan (Sam Witwer)  has found alcohol to be a magic elixir in more ways than one. Not only does it help kill the pain from the loss of his son Henry (Kyle Schmid) to the deadly vamp virus, but hey, people are more willing to come back to your place and let you suck their blood if you buy them a few drinks!


In the aftermath of the party, Nora tells Josh that she has a “thing” after work.  He presses~she tells him she must go to her parents’ home for mom’s birthday.  She wants Josh to stay home and babysit Erin(Lydia Doesburg) and NOT clean up Aidan’s mess.  Which of course, is the first thing Josh does as soon as she’s out the door.

When Aidan emerges, looking quite non-hungover, Josh tells him that he really wants to spend the rest of his life with Nora and asks how to approach her father.  He decides he has to meet Nora’s family, and tells her later that he’s going with her, and she can’t stop him.

The whole clan is more than a little worried about Aidan’s recent risky behavior, and Josh suggests that Adian go back to work.  Because, yeah, being in a hospital around sick people and lots of blood is the perfect place for a vampire. I still get a kick out of the fact that 3 of our 4 roommates~the ones who actually kill people, work in the health care profession.

Sally( Meaghan Rath)  hangs out at home with Erin, after having a nightmare about killing a whole group of people from her past.  Erin suggests that Sally get a new identity and split Boston. This gets Sally thinking about how to obtain one.  Stealing the social security number of a deceased infant seems like a good place to start.

When Sally takes Josh and Erin to meet her family, Aidan and Sally hit the town..sort of.  They go to a biker bar, where Sally daintily sips from the largest margarita glass I’ve ever seen.  Aidan not only buys a round for the whole place, but he eats peanuts!  Too funny to see a vampire swill beer and eat peanuts.  When Sally returns from the powder room, Aidan is gone.  On leaving the bar, she sees a big scary biker in the street bleeding from the neck.  She calls 911 and then heads home to chew Aidan’s ass for snacking on the locals and ditching her in a seedy bar.

big glass

Please read the rest HERE on Forces Of Geek

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7 thoughts on “I’m so lonesome I could die…No not me, silly! That’s the title of the episode!

  1. I’ve only seen 1 episode of Being Human but I remember being pleasantly puzzled.
    I also just realised that I know have the same theme as you, I knew I’d seen it somewhere awesome before….

  2. Had to wait until now to read this because I didn’t watch the episode until tonight because of course I have a DVR & can watch without commercials. It was nice getting to see what kind of family Nora comes from.

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