I think it’s time to try something new….

Good afternoon, Darlings!  I haven’t written anything here since last Friday, when I wrote my Thursday haikus a day late.  What is wrong with me?  Has the well of creativity run dry?  Has The Cheeky Diva run out of things to say?  I couldn’t even manage a recipe for a peanut butter sandwich on Saturday like I promised, but I did start one, if that counts for anything.

It’s very quiet here in the last few days, number one, because I haven’t written anything, and number two, it looks like I’ve been found out.  Google has discovered that alas, there is no free porn here of any kind, so my wild and crazy hits from the last two weeks have virtually evaporated.  That stupid little post about my dog is now at a whopping 10,315 hits all on it’s own.  It was getting upwards of 700 hits per day for a couple of weeks, but today only about 20, which in reality is much more than it deserves.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

It was nice to take a break from Ye Olde Blog this weekend.  I got a chance to work on my badass quilt, here’s the latest picture:



Mr. The Cheeky put a new fan in my laptop, so that it doesn’t make weird noises anymore.  It doesn’t get hot enough to cook an egg on anymore either, but that’s what I have a microwave for, isn’t it?

Doesn't Mr. The Cheeky have the most adorable thumb?

Doesn’t Mr. The Cheeky have the most adorable thumb?


We had a really nice weekend and I stayed away from the computer for most of it.  We went to an antique show, went out to lunch, watched a movie together and it was quite lovely.

Now, I’m back at work in my corner…*sigh*…after three days of not writing anything, when I had some really badass stuff I wanted to write, and it just isn’t coming.  It must be a Monday thing, right? Even the Daily Prompts just aren’t doing it for me right now.  This would be a great place to use one of my favorite words: ennui.  I’m filled with a sense of ennui.  Look it up!  It means boredom.

Yep, Cheekydivaville has become Snoozeopolis, at least for the moment.  Quiet, boring, nothing new happening.  People are staying away in droves, and those who do drop by, look like this after reading just a few sentences:

This blog is soooooooo.....boring!

This blog is soooooooo…..boring!

No I’m not going to quit this blog, sorry to disappoint you all.  I just need to take a little break and find my creative spark again.  I do have things to write about~but I just can’t seem to make it happen, so I think I’m just going to take a few more days (or a few more weeks) off until I can get back in the hoverround again.

To spice things up around here, I was wondering if any of you fun folks would be interested in doing a little guest blogging?  I would be more than happy to let you run willy-nilly all over this place, with only a couple rules:

1. Don’t write anything nasty or mean-spirited, unless of course it’s about a really stupid celebrity that everyone is already taking shots at.

2. Please keep the cuss words to a minimum.

If any of you think you can fit a blog post into my little world within my unreasonable constraints, please contact me using the form on my about page, or leave a comment.  I would like to have a guest blogger once a week if I can get that many takers.

Think it over.  In the meantime, enjoy this completely random and unrelated picture, just because I like it, bitches.



14 thoughts on “I think it’s time to try something new….

    • word flu! I love it, but I’ve just been thinking, over 200 posts since July? That’s a hell of a pace to keep up with when I have a full time job and a life away from the computer. I need to step back a bit. And look for a way to write that will make me some moneys! 🙂

      • I may have to use that Word Flu for a blog title! Maybe that will give me some inspiration.

        And that is one hell of a pace….I’ve gone from one a day since August to two a day as well. It’s a lot of pressure for sure. I do need to make more time to continue the book I started a while ago. Moneys is goooood!! 🙂

  1. I’m glad you’re back! Or not back, or you’re back to tell us you’re not back–you’re really teasing me. So you’re a…tease? Now I’m all excited but left unfulfilled. You know what that means, don’t you? Ice cream!

  2. Oh no! Not you too! I have a serious case of ennui going & can’t get myself out of it because hubby is driving me nuts being at home all day with me & sucking the creative spirit right out of me. C’mon you have to step up! 😉

  3. I’ve heard of twinkies. usually someone in a movie talks about them. What do they taste like? They look sort of spongy.
    That badass quilt looks badass!! I crochet blankets. Can’t sew for nuts.

  4. I’m not a very witty blogger but I would love to add some spice to your blog by guest blogging! Not that your blog needs spicin’ up. I literally mean spice. I’m a food blogger after all. 🙂

    Blog blog blg blog blog… How many more times can we throw that word in there?

  5. Cheeky,
    It seems to be an epidemic, this void between the ears. Nice quilt btw.
    Since I’ve been working on several posts for about a month now and only nearly finished one, I wouldn’t be much of a guest blogger. Plus I think your definition of “at a minimum” when referring to cuss words might be different than mine.
    I think spring will bring plenty of creativity with it; February already brought me a brand new granddaughter!
    See you on the flip side!

    • Yay! Congratulations! As far as “minimum” with the cussing? I just try not to use the F word, as most of my family reads this. Except of course for my brothers. We are still not speaking to each other. One has tried, left me messages, but the “I’m over what you put on You Tube” is so lame, since I never put anything on You Tube, and I am too old to be bullied. He can just stew in his own juice for all I care.

  6. I would gladly guest on your blog. Esp if you’ll later come to mine for my mental collapse which should be any day now. I guess 50 Shades is out, because I can’t write on that without being mean or using any number of expletives. But most of my other topics are okay! I think.

  7. The quilt looks great!! Hey, sometimes we all need a little break. The blogging world is great but it’s nice to just catch up on “reality” for a while, and focus on other things. We’ll hold down the fort until then. 🙂 And oh! Pick me! Pick me! I wanna guest blog! I’m on a roll this week – I have two guest blogging gigs, I want one more!

  8. THe quilt is magnificent. I ADORE it!!!! Glad it’s done. Enjoy your breakaway – I see you’ve already found more than enough ‘guests’ – was going to say I’m not sure I fit into cheekydiva world quite yet – although you can look at my previous blog if anything jumps out at you 🙂 http://blogs.women24.com/dinxspinal.
    Have a great weekend.

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