Friday Haiku Madness! Winter Blows!

Yeah, yeah, it’s Friday.  I got busy yesterday and spaced off the haikus.  Come on, did anybody really notice?  If I didn’t,  I’m sure you didn’t either.  Sorry, you get them anyway.  Buahhaaahaaahaaaa………

Good morning all! And happy February!-Yeah, whatever.  Around here that means at least two or three more months of cold and yuck, with a handful of nice days thrown in.  Mother Nature loves to taunt the Midwest with just a taste of spring time every so often before she deals out her wrath in tornados and thunderstorms, followed by drought, blistering heat and suffocating humidity.  Yep, she’s a bitch.

The holidays are over, so I am so done with winter.  I would be happy with a white Christmas-for one day. But no such luck. The winter blahs have set in and set in hard.  By this time I am so sick of cold weather, ice and snow that I get kinda grumpy.

It hasn’t even been that bad here this year, but it still makes me want to wear my Gary Busey face~ Just for you Twindaddy, I’m not going to display it.  You all know what it looks like.  Oh wait, I found another good picture.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Okay, I’m not sorry.

gary busey

gary busey (Photo credit: mooon2)

So for those of you who are as sick of winter as  I am, please deposit your delightful and charming haikus about how much winter sucks in the comment section.  Those of you who love it, please feel free to add your cheerful rebuttal haikus or comments as well.

On with the show!


Winter sucks and blows!

I’m so sick of seeing snow!

Gimme something green!


snow, cold weather, umbrella, two persons, 20

snow, cold weather, umbrella, two persons, 20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wool socks and long johns

Boy that’s sexy I tell ya!

Not enough layers


Everything is gray

Dirty, crunchy ice and snow

Can’t we have some sun?


19-Today’s high

And nice and windy as well

Froze off my fat ass


Hot soup, warm sweaters

Almost keep me warm right now

Tons of blubber helps


Here’s another pic

Of our beloved Gary

Just because I can

busey family.

busey family. (Photo credit: ancient history)

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28 thoughts on “Friday Haiku Madness! Winter Blows!

  1. Cool and sunny day
    Glad to be in Texas now
    “Boys! Go out and play!!!!!”

    As days get warmer
    Mosquitoes hunt for their prey
    Covered in bug spray

    Fire ant beds emerge
    Kids run and play in the grass
    “Look out for that bed!!”

    Days will soon be hot
    Humidity eats at me
    “Send me back to Maine!!”

    • Blecch! Sounds like less fun than bitter cold. Going to make your pitas this weekend! Then I’ll bake them a second time to make chips for my badass chicken and artichoke dip. Superbowl Sunday! All about food and commercials. Too bad there’s a damn football game to crap up my tv while I wait for them.

      • Mmm. That sound good! I’m making Sweet Potater Tots and Homemade Spicy Pigs In Blankets. Making the sausage and everything. I could care less about either team this year, I’m in it for the day of beer! 😉

  2. LOL, to the first Gary picture I said “ew” out loud, to the second I said “EW STOP” out loud. Here is my offering:

    Oh winter, we have a love/hate relationship:
    I love watching snow fall in thin sheets,
    I hate wiping my nose on my sleeve.

  3. Sucking down cocoa
    After noon, so add brandy
    Soon will not feel cold.

    Feet are frozen blocks
    Sun. Twenty degrees. Heat wave!
    More snow tomorrow.

    No read blogs today.
    Just yours. Write when feet warm up.
    See you tomorrow!

    • Okay, but I’m answering your email this afternoon. You don’t have to read it now, but I’m going to write it anyway. Sew some rice in a canvas bag and put it in the microwave. Put your feet on that, it’ll keep them nice and toasty. 🙂

  4. I noticed!!! I kept refreshing your page all day long because for once I remembered on a Thursday about the haiku madness good times. But, nooooooo, no haiku for me.

    I love the winter,
    So send me all of your snow.
    Snowmen I will make.

    I love the winter,
    The cold is “where it is at.”
    Heat makes me melty.

    I love the winter.
    California is my home.
    So what do I know?

    • Awww, thanks for remembering. I just have way too many irons in the fire to blog much these days, and I wasn’t able to to do one today. I’ll try really hard to make sure we have our regular haiku hijinx next week again. 🙂

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