“Do No Harm” is very harmful to my me. I now need a brain surgeon

Some of you know that I’m doing a weekly review/recap of one of my favorite shows, Being Human, for Forces Of Geek, a totally rad, hip, cool, badass online magazine that’s all about fun geeky nerdy junk like movies, sci-fi, comics and other stuff we love.  If you haven’t become addicted to this website yet, what’s your problem?


I was asked to pick up another new show to review, so I chose NBC’s new offering, Do No Harm.  I thought Thursday night was supposed to be “Must See TV”, but this show made me wish I didn’t even HAVE a TV.  Yes, friends and readers, it was that bad.

After submitting my article to FOG this morning, I was told (thankfully) that the show is getting such bad reviews all over the board, that they don’t want to run my piece, or make me suffer through another episode. (YAY!)

But, waste not want not, I did write this drivel, so I’ma gonna post it here for your enjoyment.  Just consider it a public service announcement: WATCHING DO NO HARM MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH.

So, it looks like my Thursday nights are still free for watching my long time favorite Project Runway. SQUEEEEEE~

Here it is folks, my review of Do No Harm…..

do no harm


Last night, Do No Harm premiered on NBC.  A modern-day Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde story.  Our Mild mannered Dr. Jekyll is  Dr. Jason Cole, played by Steven Pasquale, who you may recognize from the F/X series Rescue me. Jason is a leading neurosurgeon at a major Philadelphia hospital.

Dr. Cole’s Mr. Hyde is Ian Price, a mean nasty person who is just now breaking the surface after years of being sedated into submission.

Dr. Cole tells his friend Will, (John Carroll Lynch) that he’s had to deal with Ian “as long as I can remember.”  For years it seems, Ian has reared his ugly head every day of Jason’s life at 8:25pm, and left the following morning at 8:25 am.  Jason has been breaking countless hospital rules, (and no doubt Pennsylvania laws) to keep Ian in check.  His answer is to take a powerful sedative every night to sleep off the Hyde.

His partner in crime is fellow Dr. Ruben Marcado ( Lin-Manuel Miranda) who keeps pumping up the drug as Ian becomes more resistant to it.

The cast includes a basic ensemble of  no less than eight characters.  Quite a few to keep track of when the plot is so convoluted to begin with.  This is a fine group, with many solid acting credits among them, and the return of Phylicia Rashad to television  as a hospital administrator is nice to see.  I just wish this cast had better, more believable material to work with.

I really wasn’t sure what I liked less about this show, the ridiculous premise that we are supposed to believe:

~A man with severe multiple personality disorder makes his way through life to become a brilliant and respected surgeon, but he has to be tucked in bed no later than 8:30 without fail or his alter ego will tear up the streets of town and cause mayhem and terror?


The unbelievable lengths that Dr. Cole goes to in order to subdue his internal nemesis Ian Price.   Setting up elaborate fail safes within the hospital to keep Ian from accidentally waking up and performing a surgery, though clever, are hardly believable .  The use of a complex  ruse   to check his blood sugar before each surgery is just one of the devices Dr. Cole employs.

do no harm 2

As viewers, when there is a supernatural element involved, we are more forgiving, more willing to “suspend disbelief” to allow our brains to embrace the story.  A preposterous or implausible set up is a given, and we eat it up.

But there is no supernatural element to Do No Harm.  Just a nice guy who happens to be a doctor.  A doctor who falls victim to an internal source of evil on a daily basis.  Our hero engages in more than his fair share of un-heroic activity to keep his secret.

As for the  “evil”  Ian Price?   We saw him party too much, kick the crap out of a wife beater who deserved it, and get too rough with the love interest, Dr. Lena Soltis, played by Alana De La Garza,who withstood the episode like a whimpering puppy.   Could a successful doctor really have such a doormat personality when it comes to relationships?

So we have a nice guy who’s  not so nice, and an evil alter ego who doesn’t seem too evil.  All in a less than believable world.

I could go on with boring details of how so little of this show works, but I don’t want to bore you with it.  I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than watch this show, or read about it.  My gut tells me it won’t make it to five episodes before it’s cancelled.  I may be all wrong, but I’m definitely not alone in my feelings.

I got a chuckle when  I read what The Hollywood Reporter had to say about it.  The title of their review says it all:

“Do No Harm Is Terrible TV” : Dr. Jekyll and Mr. I Will Never DVR This.

Please read the article HERE.

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13 thoughts on ““Do No Harm” is very harmful to my me. I now need a brain surgeon

  1. Hey – you Squeee ed… wow, I am impressed.. I mean it.
    I havent watched tv regualrly or much at all since September of 2011.. my bill was unpaid and since it was not in my name – well its a long story.. but suffice to say I went from diehard Closer and Suits (I do miss that show tho) fan to nada.. and the weird thing is – its all crap to me now – the crime shows are too violent and twisted – the shows such as you describe are too …silly and everything in between – it just does not hold my attention ..I get nothing done now without tv I am not sure how I got anything done with it.. but I miss the tv of my youth.. Mash, and All in the Family and ..stuff..Secret Squirrel, Road runner… oh and I miss Supernatural..that is one freaking awesome show… why am I going on? I dunno – I watched part of the new show Vegas last night .. I love Dennis Quaid too – or did but thats another story … I was so completely ..I dont know what the word is but it was predictable and silly and just the kind of show I used to dig… i remember seeing the preview for this wondering what was so special about a dr with a bad side.. I mean..ok going but thanks for the heads up.. you write very good reviews. 🙂

  2. Haven’t heard of this show here in Australia but I’ll be sure to avoid, sounds too silly by far. Just wondering if you have seen a series called Being Human (it’s in Swedish but don’t let the subtitles deter you). It is set in an alternative present and many homes and workplaces have Hubots to do the menial tasks and in my opinion, this is where the production excels – they just look so freakishly perfect and slightly creepy (love it)! Of course things go somewhat awry when a handful of super Hubots with greater thinking, reasoning and emotional abilities want to find a place where they can live as equals among humans. There are just so many levels to this series that I could prattle on and on but there is a degree of humour too for instance when two middle age girl friends decide to take their Hubots to a backstreet workshop and have them illegally tampered with to make them more responsive in the “loving” department! If I had to liken this show to others, I would say its a cross between I Robot, the Stepford Wives and Mrs Doubtfire! (You would have to see one of the older domestic models for that one)! I would love to hear your take on this (don’t wait for an English version – it won’t be as good IMHO).

  3. We got rid of cable awhile back so we only have netflix and basic stations for news, etc. so I can not feel bad that I was missing anything, ha ha! Your ad is totes weird, Beyonce all painted up with pepsi logo and the superbowl date.

  4. I nodded off for a moment during the show & hubby said I missed the most important part of the show, so I watched it all again later in the evening. I missed such a miniscule amount of the show but it didn’t make any difference. I still didn’t understand what was going on. Didn’t much like it myself!

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