Daily Prompt~Burning Down The House

freak out

Today’s Prompt: 

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?


House is pretty empty, our house looks almost like we’re in the witness relocation program. Not a lot of art or knick knacks or fun junk like that.  If I could only grab 5 things, I guess this would be it:

1-My laptop computer.  This is where all of my writing, hundreds of pictures and most of my music collection is stored.

2~My special treasure box.  This is the box where all the mementos, trinkets, cards, tickets and other stuff that reminds me of Mr. The Cheeky goes.  Very important stuff.

3~The box of family photos.  This would be photos from when I was growing up.  Going through the box and sorting and making copies for the siblings is one of those things I haven’t done yet.  It would be a shame for all those pictures to get all toasted.

4~My copy of Mastering The Art Of French Cooking by Julia Child.  This book is very, very special to me, and you’ll find out why on February 18th, which not only happens to be my birthday, but it’s also Romantic Monday, so the story of how I got this special book for a birthday gift is perfect for RM!

Cover of "Mastering the Art of French Coo...

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5~My sewing machine.  It’s a workhorse that I’ve had for almost 20 years, but I just don’t think I could part with it.  When I got divorced, I left almost everything behind, but not this.  I’m not leaving it behind in a fire either.

~ I’m assuming that since he’ll have a free hand, Mr. The Cheeky Diva is also allowed to grab a few things.  I’ll let him get the TV’s and whatever else he wants, because this prompt didn’t say HE was limited to 5 things.  For safe keeping, he can wrap one of them up in the awesome electric blanky he gave me, because I already got my five things.  Don’t tell me this is cheating!  He isn’t gonna walk out of that house empty-handed anyway, is he?

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38 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~Burning Down The House

  1. Ah, the family photo album. I kinda miss those. Actually I miss them a lot. I tend to stick all my photos on my laptop these days and it’s just not the same. I miss pages!!

    • The big box of photos of my kids is still at their father’s house. And there’s where it will stay until dividing them won’t turn into a blood bath. Which sadly, may not happen until after our death, and the kids will have to divvy them up. All my pics are on the phone or the laptop too. I have 1200 wedding pictures from last May, and still haven’t printed a one. I’m terrible at that kind of stuff!

  2. Laptop / special treasure box / photos — that really does sound like you. 😉

    We were recently faced with this. When the power lines were mostly ripped from the house, the neutral was disconnected for several minutes (before being completely ripped away), and electricity was popping and flowing all through the house in strange directions. If you flipped the switch for the light in the kitchen, the dehumidifier in the basement came on. I told Rich the house was going to catch fire for sure. I grabbed:

    #1 – Stack of bills. There was no way I wanted to try to remember what was paid and what wasn’t and not have account numbers. #2 – My current business records – something I couldn’t reproduce, because I still do them by hand. #3 – My Nook Tablet w/ cords. #4 – My purse.

    I think that was all I put on the kitchen table. Not a single sentimental thing. I swear, I didn’t get that gene when it was passed out.

    Our son’s birthday is Feb. 16. It’s no wonder you and I get along so well. That kid and I are on the same wavelength so much, we used to tease each other about using each other’s brain. It’s more than genetics; it’s zodiacal …

    “An Aries-Aquarius friendship creates a highly dynamic and creative pair, as a result of the vivacity of the Aries and the vision of the Aquarius. Their friendship could be competitive, but always exciting. Since these signs are two apart in the Zodiac, they communicate well with each other. Aries and Aquarius are enthusiastic about life and enjoy novelty and fantastic experiences. They love thrills in life and love to flaunt in front of other people.” We are flaunters. 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind the long response. Can’t wait to read about your cookbook.

    • Hi there, you know I don’t mind a nice long chat. 🙂

      My ex husband was an Aries, which is supposedly bad for a romantic relationship.

      Eric is a Taurus. Kinda like Ferdinand the bull. A very gentle but strong protector who could be scary if he wanted to be.

      I’ve been dying to write about the cookbook, another fun quirky thing that happened in my usually uneventful life. It’s so cool that it was a birthday present and that it falls on Monday this year.

      • Well, I don’t want to make out with you, so the Aquarius-Aries relationship works. Plus, my birthday is the 20th, and some charts have shoved me over to the Taurus side, so it’s a win-win. 🙂

        I didn’t mean to post and run. Rich said he was ready for a game of Dr. Mario, so I dashed over there for a while. Hope you’re having a good evening. I was going to start writing today, but Mom wanted me to come up, so I was there this afternoon. I’m hoping to get started tomorrow.

        You have my interest piqued. Why a Monday would ever be cool … we shall see. 🙂

      • You don’t read Romantic Monday posts? I try and jump in whenever I can. Edward Hotspur started it because Monday’s suck. I’ve been trying to put together some blocks in my quilt tonight and its not going well. Thinking its time to call it a day. Grrr!

      • Oh, yes! I do try to read romantic Mondays when I can. I didn’t realize that’s what you were referencing. I thought the cookbook + a Monday past had special significance.

        It is time to call it a day. I’m going to pay bills and watch television. Your quilt is to die for!! Enjoy working on it. I’ll talk to you later.

  3. Your post started off on a funny note with the keep calm reversal to panic mode lol!I had a good laugh at the image of you trying to haul your trusted old sewing machine out the door in the middle of a fire. I can’t wait to read your post about your Julia Child cook book 🙂 Thanks for the pingback!

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  5. #1 – My photo Tote- A giant tote filled with our family albums, baby books for the adults of the house, scrapbooks for the kids, extra photos, ect. It would be heavy but I suppose I could send Jon back into the burning house to get it…

    #2 – My laptop. It is a piece if crap and I’m getting a new one in a few weeks, but I would feel lost without it. How else am I supposed to blog about the burning down of my home?

    #3 – The kids sleeping animals. They each have that special stuffed animal they just can’t sleep without. It would break my heart to see them burn.

    #4 – Avas school tote. A smaller tote filled with her art projects, report cards, awards won at school. Thank God she is the only kid in school for now… I assume having time to lug out 4 school totes is a no go…

    #5 – Alcohol… Everything else I could live without. My family is safe, my children have their treasures, our family has our photographed memories… Let’s get drunk while sitting on the curb watching our house go down. Yes. Grab that bottle of wine, bottle of crown, bottle of goose. We’re gonna need it!

    A little side note. I have a family friend who is a fire fighter. He was telling us that when they realize a house cannot be saved and it’s time to get the fighters out of the house, they make a point to grab any photos off of walls and tables on their way out. I’m not sure that all fire houses make the point to do this but isn’t it just heart warming that these guys do? Your post reminds me that it is time to bring dinner to our local firehouse!

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