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the following

What happens when you take two powerhouse actors like James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon and pit them against each other in the most unsettling cat and mouse game to ever hit television?

You get the new FOX network show The Following.

If you haven’t watched this yet, please do so..if your stomach can take it and you have nerves of steel.


This brilliant series revolves around Ryan Henry, a retired FBI agent and a prolific, yet charming serial killer, Joe Carroll.

(Rod Serling) Imagine if you will, the reviled killer Charles Manson, updated, internet savvy, clean cut and handsome. 


That is basically what I’m seeing when I watch this show.  It’s a provocative, unnerving look at not only the Svengali star power that a serial killer has, but what he could do with it when given today’s technology, especially if he is not just a killer, but an egomaniacal genius.  It makes me shudder.

I guess I’m fascinated with this show because~

A. I’m on the internets all the time, making contact with total strangers, basically telling them exactly how I feel and exactly what to do (follow my doggie on Twitter) and sometimes it works.

2. I’ve always been fascintated with the mind of the criminal.  This caused my mother a lot of worry when I was growing up.  She would actually sit me down and  voice her concerns when I would come home with big stack of questionable reading materials from that most vile of places: the public library.

Libraries are filthy places where sailors hang out and little girls get kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Libraries are filthy places where sailors hang out and little girls get kidnapped and sold into slavery.

D. Even in a prison jumpsuit, as a hated killer who gouges people’s eyes out, James Purefoy is hot hot HOT!  Like melt my tv hot!  For those of you who didn’t already know this, where have you been?  Regular readers of mine already know I have a Bic sized torch to carry for him since reading my review of the Resident Evil movies.  Clicky clicky already!

This show is a stark commentary on the trust we place in strangers and the far-reaching tentacles made available to us with the wonders of the internet.

The fact that a lot of the action takes place while our killer is in prison, carried out by his rabid and devoted minions is the most frightening of all.  Who’s really living next door to you?  How well do you know your best friend? Your babysitter?

Scary shit!!!!  Please give it a go……if you dare!!!! Buaahaaahaaahaa!!!!

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28 thoughts on “Who’s following “The Following”

  1. I recorded the pilot. I eventually put it on and started watching. Kevin Bacon is really *skinny*. When the girl shoved the knife (was it a knife?) into her eyeball and through to her brain, I didn’t watch another second. I deleted and haven’t gone back.

    I’m definitely a wimp.

    • I’m more of a wimp. I didn’t watch her do it. Eric told me she did it because I had my eyes closed. I’m definitely in it for the psychological elements, not the gory ones.

      So glad you stopped by to say hello! I just read your post on reclaiming your life! Good for you. I hope I can do the same at some point. Ha ha! Hope your mom is doing better. 🙂

      • It started last night… HECTIC!! I didn’t really want to watch it after the first 15 minutes, but it was gripping and I couldn’t look away! (I don’t like James Purefoy myself… give me Kevin Bacon any day) :).

      • I have still only seen episode 1, but it must wait. Tonight I’ll be watching Do No Harm so I can review it for Forces Of Geek, an online magazine. I’m currently recapping Being Human for them each week. Sorry if you read somewhere already that I’m doing that. So many posts and comments, it’s hard to keep track of what I have already said, especially since I never stop talking. 🙂

  2. I am not a big follower… if I am following you, whether you are a blog or a show or a fad or a trend or trail or a road or a denomination or a creed or a cult or a footstep or a tour guide, or a leader… you better be something special.

  3. “I’ve always been fascintated with the mind of the criminal”

    One of my favorite songs is Criminal Mind, by Gowan. I like how he took an unexpected subject to write a song about, and that he wrote it in the first person rather than third person. That’s been an inspiration for a few of my own songs.

  4. I was intrigued by the trailers of this show! I set my DVR to record it just in case some how missed the debut. I find it intelligent and provoking. A “cult” following of a killer is a different premise I think. So far, so good!

  5. I am discovering we like the same things. I love the show too. I too think criminal minds are fascinating. Only difference is I have always had a Kevin Bacon thing. My favorite show is coming back in a few weeks. Walking Dead. Is that something you watch.?

  6. I think most of us are fascinated with the the hows and whys of a criminal mind which is why crime fiction is doing so well and even my husband, (the most gentle human being you could ever meet) likes watching the station devoted to crime fact shows. The thing is,(thank goodness) most of us enjoy it at a distance.
    You’re right, though, about how much of our lives we reveal in our blogs and elsewhere these days. 🙂

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