A Quiet Day At Home…Diva Sews While Daisy Tweets!

Hey Kids!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and thanks to this blog, enjoying lots of homemade ice cubes and cereal.  It was a goal of mine to post every day this year without a miss, and 26 days in, I’m still on track.

I really want to get that quilt put together today, as I was able to re-make a replacement block for the one that my beloved dog ate.  Now all that’s left is to finish up those final 4 blocks and start sewing them together.

Here's the block the Daisy ate.

Here’s the block the Daisy ate.

After the block was chewed up, I tried to clean it and repair the edges.  It was so out of square that simply adding new fabrics to the outside edge wasn’t an option.  I just had to start over. I couldn’t find all the fabrics that were in the middle, so I had to take the whole thing apart and re-use those pieces to make a new one.  Grr!

Here's the replacement block. It came together pretty well.

Here’s the replacement block. It came together pretty well.

Here is my quilt as I hope to put it together, all laid out with possible border fabrics.  Can’t wait to see this hanging on the wall! Yay!


My laptop is ill, and getting sicker by the minute, so posting, reading and commenting from home will be hard for the moment.  I have some new parts on the way, and I’m sure Mr. The Cheeky Diva will have it running like new in no time, once they arrive.

In the meantime, I’ll keep posting from work,  ha ha.  Yes, I have a job that’s so boring some days I get paid to do this.  Does that make me a professional writer?  Um, not even close.

In other news, you can see that this little old blog has  just over 1000 followers now, and I’m tickled pink.  Thank you so much to all who follow me here and on Twitter, and my poor Facebook friends who follow whether or not they want to via publicize.  I’m thrilled  and humbled at all of my supportive friends and readers who keep this going.

The Google perv search terms continue to elevate my stat count to a ridiculous level, and I think now that it has to be due to some sort of automated thingy.  But hey, it looks like I’m a big hit in Turkey, as that’s where the most of the hits are coming from.

Since Daisy seems to be the main attraction here at The Cheeky Diva of late, you can now follow her on Twitter.  Just click the little button.  My baby girl has 22 followers already!  I’m so proud of her!

Follow me on the Twitter!

Follow me on the Twitter!

Yep, everyone and their dog is on Twitter, and I’m living proof.  Thanks to all of Daisy Mae’s new followers.  For those of you shaking your head saying. “What? You’re dog is on Twitter?” all I can say is if this is a surprise to you, ya don’t know me very well.

~Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday all, and if I get my long overdue beauty sewn together today,  and can get the laptop to cooperate long enough~ I’ll be back later with a few pics and some bragging rights.


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34 thoughts on “A Quiet Day At Home…Diva Sews While Daisy Tweets!

  1. Love the quilt-in-progress! Even cooler that you plan on using it as a tapestry. I am a proud follower of your adorable doggie. And when I look at my “search terms”…it seems the “douche bag” post I made over a year ago, and the ONE post I did about Zac Efron – also over a year ago – are the two that lead most people to my blog. Sigh.

    • Oh, I could do multiple posts every day too. I think I’ve actually posted 3 times in one day a few times, but that was on a day where I did the prompt, and had a weekly thing like Romantic Monday or Thursday Haikus and then I just had something else I needed to say. It seems like I always have something else to say. Ha ha.

      I’m so glad you’re excited about my quilt. 🙂
      I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to yesterday, but I get off work an hour early every day this week, and don’t have to work on Saturday, so maybe by this time next week, I’ll have some pictures of the finished masterpiece to show off. And yeah, showing off is another one of my specialties.

    • Hi there! Not yet. I found that one of my blocks is a little too narrow and threw the whole thing off. Luckily, I discovered it right after it went in. So a few adjustments later, I now have three rows of blocks attached. I hope to get it all put together (at least the quilt top) by the end of the week, so wish me luck!

      With my corners all being black or white, they need to match up as closely as possible or it just won’t look right.

      I will be certain to post more pics when I get further along.

      And hugs right back from Nebraska!

  2. Oy.. I do that… unpick and unpick and re-cut and re-sew.. hence I know what you mean… glad you have 3 done at least. Such a time consuming craft, but I love it.. so therapeutic. Going to subscribe to your blog so I can see the finished item. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you! I think people who’ve been reading me for a long time were surprised when they saw this that I can actually do something besides run off at the mouth~which I must say I do with great skill. I’m a much better blabbermouth than a quilter.

      I haven’t decided how I’m going to quilt this yet. Any thoughts?

  3. I think the basis of your design is called ‘broken dishes’ – but your fabric layout above is perfect (my opinion). And I’d probably stitch in the ditch of the squares – horizontal and vertical squares only – not the diagonals (if you know what I mean).

    • Hi again, I’ve been meaning to reply to this all day. This will go on the wall and be the focal art (forgive the very loose usage of the word “art” here, ha ha!) piece in our bedroom, so I can’t decide if I want the quilting to stand out, or let the colors do all the “wow-ing” I had thought of doing simple line quilting that won’t really be seen on the colored pieces, and do a more elaborate quilting design in light thread on the black/gray pieces. I dunno. The actual “quilting” is something I’m not great at. I usually just use invisible thread and my darning foot and free form the whole darn thing. 🙂

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