Being Human, Season 3 Episode 2, In My Not So Humble Opinion




sally picks up a guy

Hey there kids!  I almost forgot to give you this week’s review of the awesome and fabulous TeeVee show Being Human on the Syfy Channel.  As you may remember, I am now writing a review/recap of this badass show for Forces of Geek, the totally rad and cool online magazine.

I am trying to put together other stuff for them, but for now, if you wanna read something besides a dumb blog post with haikus or be misdirected here in your search for porn, this is where you’ll have to find it.  I had something else in mind for today, but it just didn’t happen, so I’m hoping that this weekend, in addition to a recipe for cereal, you will get an update on The Quilt That Almost Wasn’t.  In the meantime, please enjoy my brilliant and pithy thoughts on this week’s episode of Being Human……..NOra and Dad

This was a  more subdued episode than the season opener, much of it focusing on the changes the characters now face with their new reality: Josh is now human, but his girlfriend remains a werewolf.  Will he pop the question?  Aidan has come back to a world almost vampire-free, with gangs of werewolves roaming the streets and every meal is iffy.  Sally can now live as a vibrant young woman, but has been warned to have no contact with people who knew her before she died. She brought her pals Stevie and Nick with her, so their bodies also had to be dug up and reanimated so Sally didn’t have to share hers.

At the start of this episode, we see that Sally is feeling like her old self again and seeing her in clothes she borrowed from Nora is a nice change.   Aidan has found a cooler in the wrecked van containing just enough blood to get him upright.

When Aidan finds out that his pals have been messing with witchcraft in his absence, he shakes his head and gives them dire warnings about the consequences.  Bummer he wasn’t around to warn them before all of this went down, but what fun would that have been?  Aidan can really be a buzzkill.

Please read the rest at Forces Of Geek dot com HERE

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13 thoughts on “Being Human, Season 3 Episode 2, In My Not So Humble Opinion

    • We’ve been laughing about Aidan and who he looked like when he surfaced from the grave. Mr Cheeky thinks he looks like Charlie Manson, I think he looks more like James Brolin in the Amityville Horror. Either way, even cleaned up, he looks a little green around the gills. I wish he could get some food.

  1. Well now you are just all over the map. I can’t keep up. A blog where there is something new all the time? That moves too fast for me. I am an old fashioned guy. I don’t like changes. Bring back the haiku porn now!

      • Aw, thanks! I thought it would be a hoot if I got to write about my 10 year quilt, so, I emailed the magazine that printed the pattern in 2003. Finishing this thing would have been hard enough, even if my dog hadn’t chewed the outside edge of one of the blocks, leaving it unusable. Turns out, I couldn’t find all the fabrics that make up the inner portion, so I had to pick apart the whole block with a seam ripper and start a new one. I do plan to write a blog post about it, but, hey, if I can get someone to pay me for writing the same thing, why not? Of course, I probably won’t even get an answer back, but you never know.


  2. Another really nice job for FOG, Julie. When you have time you’ll have to shoot me an email and let me know about this other writing gig you applied for … and the results of a query last week. 😉

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