Thursday Haiku Madness!~200 Posts Already?


Yowza!  That’s right friends, followers, fans, creepers, pervs and other total strangers.  This is the 200th post on this blog, and I will try to make it THE most two-hundredy-licious blog post ever!

So, it looks like I’ve being wasting away in CheekyDivaVille haven’t I?  Being able to celebrate 200 posts after only 7 short months can only mean a few things:

1.-I talk way too much.  There is now more than enough evidence to support this.  As if you had any doubt.

2.-I could have used those words more wisely.  If I take 200 posts, and let’s say the average word count of them would be around 500 words, I could have written a really long novel instead if I had the attention span.  Bummer.  Oh well, rambling and writing about whatever strikes my fancy for now is just fine with me.

3.- It’s all your fault.  WTF?  Our fault, Cheeky?  We’ve been so nice to you, and keep coming back, no matter how bad your writing is, why are you being such a poopy old crone?  Please allow me to elaborate.  If all these months later, all I had was 3 readers, who only stopped by once a month to say “You suck! Why are you still writing this blog?” do you think I’d still be doing this?  Probably not, so yes readers, you have brought this on yourselves.  Are you proud of yourself?  Are you happy?!

Well I’m happy!  So enough crap! On with the Haikus!  Today is reader’s choice.  You write a haiku about whatever you damn well please!  Have a good one that you’ve been holding out with?  Or a brainstorm that just hit you!  Let’s hear it.  As you know, we don’t have no stinkin’ rules here, so even a “you suck! Why are you still writing this blog!?” Is okay too.  (No it’s not, that would really hurt my feelings.)  

I know you guys would never do that to me or anyone, because you are all so kind, and you also have so much class.  Thank you so very much for making this dumb little blog what it’s become.  A place where anyone can say what ever they want (as long as it’s nice, unless of course we’re talking about bad people or celebrities, because really, they can be assholes, and they’re asking for it anyway, right? )  A place to be silly, funny, tell your stories of sweeping success and epic fails, where all are welcome, (again, unless of course they are douchebags, because nobody likes them.)

So, maybe I should write a few haikus about my blog pals who helped me get here.  Those who’ve become friends, have helped me, read my work for me, and all kinds of other nifty things!  Here’s a shout to some of my fellow bloggers who not only help me be a better blogger, but help me with other stuff I like to do in life, and just some that I adore reading.  I will start with a few, and hopefully will be able to add more throughout the day and link them up so you can take a look of your own at these fine blogs.


200 posts! Squee!

That is total awesome sauce! (Thanks Art for the kickass word)

Thanks to all you guys!


Photoshopped my dog

Always has nice things to say

Pouring his art out


Maddies Breezy Books

And delightful blog to boot

Pen pal and true friend


Hotspur Says ” Erma Gerd! ”

How I love to steal that word

Way cool Blog Mentor


Big E, Little E

Fishing, Fatherhood, with grace

Nebraska blog pal


Mr Calahan~

Read your blog, laugh my ass off



Haute Couture indeed!

Kat, you’re one in a million!

Thanks for all the help!


Squirt milk out my nose

Whenever I read your blog

Wish I could be you


Pretty, pretty nails

At Polish Alcoholic

Awesome eye candy!


Writes all kinds of stuph

Unshitty life coach blogger

Fine young Stormtrooper


Sweet Hersey Kisses!

Awesome meals -tiny budget

How does she do it?


And last but not least

Our Story Wrangler, Michelle

Daily Prompt Diva 


Thanks again to all who read and follow, comment and quip, like , reblog  and share.  I can’t even tell you how wonderful you make this blogging experience! ~Tossing the baton to you, folks! Dazzle me!!!



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53 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness!~200 Posts Already?

    • Aw thanks! I am thinking about writing about my current manicure. (I’ll have to warn the boys, who got their noses out of joint when I posted my OPI post and didn’t warn them it was about girly stuff) I bought the UGLIEST NAIL POLISH EVER! And now I don’t think I can bear having it on my nails for the next two weeks. It’s called Espresso Bean, but it looks more like baby poop. Yuckiest brown ever! I need to get me a bottle of the OPI Private Jet. You’ve got that one don’t you? They have it in gel polish now.

      • Om my… who wants baby poop on their nails? Yikes! My Private Jet is gorgeous, and I’m not even a big fan of brown. If you’re looking for brown: that’s the one you certainly will love! I have a swatch on my blog 😀

      • I thought I’d seen it there. I emailed OPI, asking if the gel color was the same, so they sent back a link to a french blog that was supposed to compare the OPI regular colors to the gel colors with photos. Which would have been immensely helpful. Of course, it was a dead link, so the nice gal emailed me a couple of days later with pictures of the actual polish. But, she didn’t put it on her nails, she smeared it onto a piece of yellow notebook paper. Nice effort, but it was still very hard to tell the actual color. She assured me that the gel color has all of those amazing highlights and sparkles of the original, but I just couldn’t see it in the pictures. And you can’t tell from the bottle, because gel colors can’t be in a clear bottle. I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and buy some anyway, because I’m loving how the original looks on you. It’s a $15 gamble, but it has to be a better one than the Espresso Bean I’m stuck with now. Blecch!

      • On a piece of paper? Really? My god…

        Anyway… I think you should see how the color looks before buying it (it’s not like gel polish is cheap) because I know that there are lots of different versions of MPJ going around. One more brownish, other more greyish, holo, with or without glitter particles and so on.

        So the lady needs the send you a proper picture if you ask me.

        Anyway, I’ll keep an eye open for it and if I spot an accurate picture, I’ll let you know!

  1. It’s haiku madness;
    I finally remembered,
    To show on Thursday.

    I’m so excited,
    To be here on the right day,
    Counting syllables.

    Alas, no theme though,
    So I must write whatever;
    I’m okay with that.

    Congrats to Cheeky,
    200 posts: quite the feat.
    200 more please.

  2. I am way jealous.
    I have many more posts but
    so few followers.

    Cheeky Diva is
    absolutely the bestest
    name that ever was.

    And now, one for just me….

    I am the world’s first
    Jewish tantric priestess nun.
    I love being weird.

    • Hi there, I see you, back behind all the perverts from Turkey. It appears I’m quite a sensation over there according to my recent numbers. Congratulations on your recent Freshly Pressing by the way, glad you’re here. Was in the middle of a post, and lost my internet. Grr! Hate it when that happens.

      • Yikes! I don’t even know. All I know is that my hits have gone through the roof the last few days, with that silly little post about my puppy with all the search terms getting literally hundreds of views. Over 600 yesterday alone, which is absolutely insane. 200 views over all per day is a fantastic and rare day for me, so I don’t know what the hell is going on. My map says that most of the views are coming from Turkey. Nobody leaves any comments, and even my spam comments don’t show up on that page, so I really have no idea what is going on, but I guess I’ll ride the wave. If I take the post down, I’ll still get hits for a while, even though it would be a dead link. Since it shows up as my top post, new and regular readers get a chuckle out of it, so I will leave it alone for a while.

  3. I don’t do poetry or haiku! I’m the one who gives Hotspur crap when he spends days on end writing poetry on his blog! So much so, he has now moved his poetry to a whole new blog! So don’t think you can get away with this poetry thing too often or I’ll have to unleash some badness on you. 😉

    • Whoa! I had no idea. I bow to you. Now, can you work on making Hotspur remove all that other crap he writes from his blog? KIDDING EDWARD. If you read each and every post from the dawn of time, which I demand that you do, you will see that I do haikus every Thursday, and that my loyal and rabid fans demand it. So, I’m sorry friend, you will have to come to Nebraska and personally break all of my fingers to keep me from writing haikus, and encouraging others to join in. But, I’m sure my darling husband would be happy to download some sort of speech to text haiku app for me, so the haikus would continue regardless. But, nice try though. I felt really threatened for a few minutes! 🙂

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