Daily Prompt~ I got skills! That’s Sew Awesome!

Today’s Prompt: 

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?


For those of us creative types, this may be hard to choose.  We like to make something from nothing.  Or we like to take a bunch of stuff and put it together to make something new, ala MacGyver.

I love to do a lot of stuff, but if there was one thing I could do as well as I would like, it would be sewing.  Maybe that’s old fashioned and dorky, but I don’t care.

Regular readers have seen and heard about my hotmess homemade wedding gown, and recently have seen the quilt I’m finally finishing after a very long break.

I sit in awe every week in front of my television as the fashion designers on Project Runway take their weekly shopping trip to MOOD Fabrics, come back to the work room with their goodies and miraculously produce amazing garments in record time.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to do that.

To be able to see a garment in my head, go buy some fabric, and put it all together in a matter of hours and wear it with pride.  That stupid wedding dress took all the free time I had for months.  Never going to do that again!

After this little quilt thingy is done, I’m going to attempt making a party dress with some chiffon fabric I picked up this weekend.  I’m a little intimidated.  I’ve never worked with this fabric before, and it may be my undoing.  I was only able to score three and a half yards, so there will be no room for error. Looks like a cotton muslin and a summer tank made from a similar fabric for practice first.  You know you’re going to hear all about it, and you’ll probably see my Gary Busey face during the process.

While writing is fine, and being a good cook is dandy, there just isn’t anything better than wearing something I made and having someone ask. “Oh my gosh! I love that! Where did you get it?” and being able to answer:

“I made it in shop.”

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39 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~ I got skills! That’s Sew Awesome!

  1. Yes! I too would be a master sewer… Right now my skills peak at sewing a straight line.
    Or wait. Master Gardener. I have a BLACK thumb and would love to turn it green. Imagine how frugal I could be with a garden full of food?
    Yes Gardening is my final answer…

    • It would be great to grow veggies. I could see you all over that! It would save a ton of money. I’m not much of a gardener either. I hate bugs and worms and stuff, and don’t like to get dirty. I’m way too girly to do any serious gardening.

    • We have two. Hobby Lobby, and a quilt store. Okay I guess if you want to make quilts, but apparel fabric is pretty limited. There’s a large fabric store in a mall about an hour away, which is where I scored my chiffon, but I did’t find what I was looking for-gray prints for that quilt I’m making. After going to three stores, I finally found just what I needed buried deep in the back of my own fabric cupboard.

      I’ve told my husband that if we ever get to NYC, (which we might, his son lives in PA), he’s got to take me to MOOD. 🙂

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  3. I would want to be a master musician — not just in an instrument, but in the writing/producing songs way. I think it would be incredibly cool to turn on the radio and hear a song that you wrote/created. I wish I had more musical ability! But since I don’t, I write 😀

    • Well, I have none. Zero, zilch. but, two of my kids are musicians, so go figure. Did you do the prompt? I haven’t had a chance to read everyone else’s and link up to them yet. Hope you did. 🙂

  4. I couldn’t pick – I want to be perfect at all of it: drawing, painting, writing, dj’ing, music production, volleyball, soccer, editing, my job, husband, father… Hmm, now there’s any interest one to ponder: father. Now that it’s down on paper, maybe that is the skill I would want to be perfect at above and beyond the rest.

    • I don’t see how you could be perfect at being a parent. It’s a life long process of trial and error isn’t it? And your mistakes will be remembered, ha ha, and will help your kids be parents as they look back on them. Perfection in anything can’t be attained, but attempting perfection, as long as you’re not an obsessed ass about it, is admirable in my book. You rock already, friend, by being able to do so much! Just look at that list you typed up there in your comment! Your kids have an awesome dad, perfect or not! 🙂

      • First is on the way… and I agree that perfection can only ever be sought after – we are only human afterall – but… The unknowns waiting for me in the very near future weigh heavily upon me, and if I could know now that I would be a “perfect” parent for my child(ren) (even if being perfect meant making mistakes that needed to be made) it would lift some of this weight from my shoulders…

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    • One thing I like about Project Runway is the fact they appear to be making an effort to keep the garment district in New York alive, and save jobs. Who knows, maybe it’s all for show, but I’d like to believe that they are trying to keep the jobs here, and not farming out to sweat shops where the workers don’t even make enough to survive and the conditions are brutal. We can hope, can’t we?

      • Those sweat shops exist because people have let themselves be convinced the the pices of cloth we hang on our bodies to keep from burning or freezing and so we have pockets to put stuff in are somehow impotant if a certain person created them and charges enough for them.
        Also, one of my favorite quotes, and I don’t remember who said it, but it goes like this;
        If women’s clothing down through the ages had been part of a plot to keep them in a position of inferiority, they could not have been better designed.

      • Well, I for one don’t have any designer clothes, because I can’t afford them. I Love that quote by the way. How true! Just think what women could have achieved if they wouldn’t have been stuck in 50 pound dresses, ridiculous head pieces and corsets and such. An exception would be Queen Amidala. She was quite a badass, despite her bad judgement concerning men and her cumbersome wardrobe. She was a real person, right?

    • Interesting point, my friend. I’m sure it would be better to earn it, but in my case, neither the earning or the gifting is going to happen, so it’s all hypological anyway. And yes, that’s a real word.

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  8. If you can dream it you can see it then you can do it!!!! thank you for the ping back. make sure to show me the finished product. i would love to share with you the celebration of it!!

    • Why thanks! I do plan to show my projects when they’re finished on the old blog. I hope to get the last 4 blocks of this quilt done tonight and then on to the borders. Weee! It may be hanging on the wall in a couple of weeks. The new dress? *Sigh*, that will be a much bigger challenge. I feel the need to do some research on working with chiffon before I even start. Yikes!

    • It’s like anything else, my pal. It takes a lot of practice,and a lot of trial and error. By the way, Wonder Mutt ate one of my quilt blocks last night while I was busy doing something else. The door to my sewing room doesn’t close properly, and my blocks were still laid out on the floor. She snuck in while I was downstairs and got a couple of them. Today, I’m going to get a big piece of felt to hang on the wall. I can stick my blocks on that to see how they look all put together. Damn dog.

  9. Sorry, no sewing for me – my mother had to finish all my home ec projects because they were turning out so badly! I used to knit, but my arthritis did away with that. I can still crochet a bit, but I like to do afghans & my shoulders get too sore to spend any length of time at it & hubby would kill me if I bought any more yarn & had yet another afghan around the place. I think I’ll stick to writing for now!

    • Maybe that’s a good plan. I have a ton of fabric for quilting. My ex husband could never understand why I was always buying more. I tried to tell him that fabric is like paint. You need a lot of different colors and patterns to get the effect that you want. He didn’t get it. Now that I’m sewing again, I am sure my stash will continue to grow. 😀

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