Daily Prompt~ Topsoil scorched as “RainMan” scores a homerun~!

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home.

. . . soil.

. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.


LA- Dodger’s Weird News-

Fans of all ages at today’s game against the Detroit Tigers were a little puzzled when  a man  identified as Ray Babbitt , known by some as “Rainman”, walked on  the field at Dodger’s Stadium, grabbed a bat and stepped up to home plate.


The same fans were stunned and delighted that the pitcher decided to play along, resulting in a home run hit that went out of the park and in ironic fashion, smashed the windshield of the car belonging to Ray’s brother, Charlie Babbitt.

Ray Babbitt, who suffers from a severe form of Autism, wandered on to the field when he became confused.  After hitting the ball out of the park, he was cheered on by members of both teams, and urged to run the bases to complete his home run. When he started around the bases, once again, fans were awed at the speed at which this interesting savant ran for home.

The crowd went wild as Ray slid into home, but sadly, his brother Charlie,  was there waiting to berate him.


We have no idea what happened when Charlie saw what the hit did to his car, but let’s just hope that brotherly love will give Charlie pause, and keep him from ruining what must have been one of the most thrilling moments of Ray’s life.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~ Topsoil scorched as “RainMan” scores a homerun~!

  1. Michelle feeds the daily prompt to you the night before, doesn’t she? That’s how you have something churned out so quickly every day, isn’t it?
    Then you have one sharp and quick mind, my friend, because that was pretty darn entertaining. 😉

    • Thank you. Nope, I get them in my email every morning promptly at 7:00 am. Usually while I’m spackling my face and adjusting my Zsa Zsa Gabor wig so I can feel somewhat confident leaving the house. Sometime they hit me, sometimes they don’t. I usually don’t do anything with them unless I can do it quickly. I try to think of it as my “assignment” for the day, and if I can’t put something together by about 10 am, I don’t usually do it. I’ve found that it’s really good training. That’s why I was able to pick up that review on Being Human for Forces Of Geek. I did that on my lunch hour, because when I asked the editor if I could do it, he said only if I could have it in his email within two hours time.

      I think these prompts are great for anyone who wants to learn to write within boundaries, like writing articles on different topics, and with the time limit, I’ve set myself one more.


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