What Lies Beneath Passion? A Romantic Monday Post


Nothing can happen now

We’re in a room full of people

I look at you

Your eyes burn

Can green eyes do that?

Yours do

Is that passion?

On the surface, yes

But what lies beneath that burning fire

in those jade orbs I love to gaze into?

Something deeper

Much deeper

Something that says

I will take you however I can get you

At your best

And at your worst

Forever and ever

I will stand by you

come what may

I will hold you dear

I will keep you safe

But not too close

I want to see you shine

I want to see  you fly

I’m proud to have you on my arm

Make the other men jealous

You are my woman

You came with me

You’re leaving with me

And if you have one too many

I’ll take you home and put you to bed

I’ll undress you

And I will never mention

That your socks didn’t  match

That’s how much I love you


Happy Romantic Monday, Ya’ll!  I’ll link a few other steamy stories as the day goes on! Please visit the official home of Romantic Monday HERE

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16 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath Passion? A Romantic Monday Post

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  2. This is really sweet. I skimmed it earlier today, and thought you had written a poem for Tim Robbins. I giggled when you didn’t tell him his socks didn’t match. I came back now to read it more carefully, and see it is written from a man’s perspective. Very nice. You are really good with this type of writing.

    • Aw, thanks! I wrote it Saturday night, after having dinner and one tee many martunis with friends. When I got undressed for bed, I noticed that my socks didn’t match, and that got me thinking. If I was so shitliquored that Tim Robbins had to put me into bed tonight, (because he would), would he call me a dork in the morning because of my unmatched socks. (probably not).

      My first ever poem, written from a man’s perspective, while under the influence of alcohol! Yay for me!


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