Daily Prompt~This is your life

Today’s Prompt:

Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life

by michelle w. on January 11, 2013

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover. 

Well, Michelle, since your “rules” are way harsh, I’m going to have to say no.  If you won’t allow me to read the book about my life the way I normally read a book, just forget it.  Unless I’m allowed to chew through it in the following manner, reading this book, or any book, just isn’t gonna happen:

1. Get book.  Borrow from library or friend.  Who buys books?

2. Unless it has a meaty section of pictures in the middle, return it.

3. Skim book for chapters that look interesting, and read those.

4. Get bored, give up.  Return book

5. Read a summary on Wikipedia

6. Watch the movie ~but not when it comes to your local theater. Who can afford that shit?  Either wait until you can rent it on DVD or catch it when satellite provider is showing it during a free preview weekend.

Okay, Michelle, so when you have a challenge about reading our story, the way we wanna read it, you let me know, okay?

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Cheeky D

(A favorite fellow blogger thought I went around this the wrong way, see his comments below. So be sure to see my subsequent post which I hope was more appropriate.  Click HERE to read.)

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32 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~This is your life

  1. I would read a book about my life, and go see the movie. And buy the action figures. In fact, I do read a book about my life everyday. It is called my blog. And my novel is really about me, so… man, I am self-absorbed.

    • Well, I’m just one of those people, you know the type. The type that people groan when they see me coming, the type that just can’t seem to do things the right way. I just love to tease. It was a great idea for a prompt by the way. I don’t really read books that way, I’m all about how much “dork” I can cram into a post. I would really hate to see my own life already written. So it’s had to be a definite no for me for that reason. Not because I’m really incapable of reading a book from start to finish. Thanks so much for dropping by!

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