Daily Prompt~ 32 Flavors

Today’s Prompt

Chocolate? Vanilla? Or something else entirely?



Well, obviously chocolate.  Duh.

But, chocolate isn’t just awesome by itself.  It makes everything better, like in the photo above.  The current flavor of the month in our house.  CRAP! I hope I remembered to put it back in the freezer after I took this photo.

As long as the word “chocolate” appears in the title, it pretty much has to be good doesn’t it?  Kinda like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  He had the right idea. Great book, great movie.  Just think what would have happened if other authors would have taken a cue from him and added the word “chocolate” to their title.  ( Yeah, some books on this list were written before Dahl was even born, so what?  Am I wikepedia now? Gimme a break)

50 Shades of Chocolate

The Girl With The Chocolate Tattoo

Chocolate Expectations


The Chocolate Games

Lady Chatterly’s Chocolate Lover

Devil in the White Chocolate City

Pride, Prejudice and Chocolate

Captain Chocolate Pants

So there you have it.  My sage advice.  If you’re currently writing a book, consider adding the word “chocolate” to the title.  You know I’m always right, so if you just do what I tell you, I’m confident it will be a huge bestseller.  Please feel free to add some titles in the comments that you think could be improved by adding the word “chocolate”


Thanks for playing!



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23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~ 32 Flavors

  1. I’m sure I’ll be lambasted for this, but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory suuuuuuucks. It is a big bag of suck stashed away in a box of suck that had suck spilled all over it.

  2. Chocolate does make everything better. I can’t wait to read “The Chocolate Games!” And for my own works; my NanoWriMo project – Chocolate Storm, my fantasty novel – Chocolote-scursion, and my comedy western – Chocolate Slinger. Those titles will be hot sellers, right?!!

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  4. I think you might be on to something.. I may try it on my next book. Seems like it should be tested with a post title or something, but it makes so much sense and I am just a dive right in why test anything kind of person… if I do I will definitely credit you for the idea..;-)

  5. How do you think Indiana Jones might react:
    Raiders of the Chocolate Ark
    The Temple of Chocolate or The Chocolate of Doom
    The Chocolate Crusade

  6. I love chick flicks. How about:
    You’ve Got Chocolate
    Chocolate at Tiffany’s
    Gone with the Chocolate
    Bridget Jone’s Chocolate
    When Harry Met Chocolate

    Chocolate works perfectly with chick flicks. Here’s a great book: Chocolate Hunter, A Susan Hunter Mystery. 😉

    In other news, survived the tax bite. Missed your Tuesday “check-in” but will be here next Tuesday! 2:45 … time for bed!

  7. Have you caught the latest chocolate infused movies?

    Chocolate Unchained
    Chocolate Guilt Trip
    Chocolate Squad

    And my personal favorite horror film – Zero Dark Chocolate, because a world with no dark chocolate would be a very horrible place to live.

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