And In This Crazy Life, And Through These Crazy Times…..


Thanks again, to our esteemed host, Mr. Edward Hotspur, for this lovely newish tradition, and today, Platonic Romance is the theme.

Wedded couple with wedding cake

Wedded couple with wedding cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia) NOT US

Yesterday, you got to hear all about the miraculous and sappy story of how Mr. TCD and I found each other after 25 years, fell in love  all over again, and eventually got married.  Falling in love is as easy as taking candy from a baby.  Falling in love might be chemical, physical or even spiritual. Who really knows for sure?  While all that barfy, romantical stuff is all well and good, that’s not the glue that holds this wedding cake together. Staying in love is the true test.  Just how is that done?

First order of business is to be friends.  Real friends.  Friends who play together, work together, support each other and make each other laugh.  My husband is a very, very funny man and he makes me laugh all the time.  I wrote a post a while back about how funny he is.  It’s very typical of a day in our life.  Please click here to read it.

If you clicked the link, then if you haven’t guessed already, we are a couple of dorks who truly belong together.  If you didn’t click the link, then shame on you.  What’s your problem?  It’s definitely a good read.  It made me laugh.  Go on, click it already…….it…….you know you want to.

We are a very good team.  We do almost everything together.  From sharing the household chores to paying bills to grocery shopping.  Other than going to work, it’s rare that one of us leaves the house without the other.

We are great at doing projects together.  He’s really tall and I’m really short.  We also understand each other.  That makes for doing stuff around the house a lot easier.  He does the high up stuff, and I do the stuff closer to the floor.  Between the two of us, we really know our way around a remodel job, and have done a lot to our old house in the last couple of years.

We have read some of the same books at the same time, enjoy lazy weekends full of too much food and movie marathons, and he is trying, with his infinite wisdom and patience to teach me how to play on the evil X-Box contraption we got ourselves for Christmas.


My first attempt was an exercise in failure, embarrassment and immaturity.  He very methodically explained to me how to use the controller, how to kill the different types of zombies, and alerted me to what was coming next.  With poise, perseverance and restraint, he watched me quickly devolve  from an intelligent woman in her late 40’s to a shrieking 4-year-old having a tantrum.

I was really ashamed of myself and how angry the whole thing made me.  Of course, being the darling that he is, he told me that when he started playing Xbox years ago, he felt the same way.  Don’t beat yourself up, baby. He said.  It’s a learning curve. You’ll get it. Just tell me this guy isn’t a keeper.

So, all these years later…Do I love him because he’s handsome? (Which he is). Do I love him because he’s charming? (Yes, he’s that too.) Do I love him because he thinks I’m still a looker? (Which is up for debate)

While he’s all those things and more, no that’s not why.

All of those things are truly wonderful, but would they mean much if we couldn’t spend hours working, playing or just living  happily together, under the same roof, would they?    No, they wouldn’t mean much at all.

So here’s to you, my wonderful husband.  A very happy Platonic Romantic Monday to you.  For all of the everyday things we do that just wouldn’t be any fun or have any meaning at all without you.

I don’t know if I’m exactly a swimming pool on an August day, but I’m most definitely from outer space, so here’s a bonus song  that was played at our wedding about how much fun love can be when someone is your everything, including your best pal.

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