Daily Prompt~ That Stings!

Daily Prompt-That Stings

Franz Kafka said, “we ought to read only books that bite and sting us.” What’s the last thing you read that bit and stung you?

I have to admit, I don’t read a lot of books anymore.  My life is such that work, newlywedism, a puppy and blogging don’t leave a lot of time for reading anything longer than a blog post.  So I’m hoping blog posts will count for this challenge, as they can certainly sting as well as any book.

In the last two days, I have read posts by two of my favorite fellow bloggers that stung quite a bit.  Both of these were written by men I love to read and enjoy conversing with through comments and Twitter.

Yesterday, for the Daily Prompt, we were asked to write about a sculpture we would commission to immortalize one of our most epic moments of 2012.  I was thankfully able to choose a very happy event in my life.


My friend Twindaddy, from Stuphblog, chose to capture the moment his wife left him, and it almost broke my heart to read about it.  He talks of how stunned, hurt and utterly shattered he was when this happened.  But I applaud him. Not just for writing about it, but because he chose this moment in time to change the course of his life.  Unlike some left in this situation who choose to blame and be bitter, never fully understanding why it happened, Twindaddy saw this as his wake up call.  He was not the man he thought he was, and it broke him.  He has taken this sad event in his life as a catalyst to change who he is.  He wants to be the man his family will be proud of, and that is an admirable task to undertake.  I urge you to read this post by my friend Twindaddy, and help him on his journey with your readership and your support.  It is my hope that in 2013, he can have a new sculpture created to celebrate something absolutely wonderful to remember the year by.

Twindaddy is bouncing back and yesterday, he wrote one of the most creative posts I have ever read.  It was the journal entry from the unfortunate  Stormtrooper who just happened to be under the command of the captain who was duped by the Jedi mind tricks of Obi Wan Kenobi.  You remember.  “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”  Please read it.   I’m so glad that Twindaddy has regained his spark to write, and wish him the best.


The other post I read that was a stab to the heart was written by Big E at Flies Over Nebraska.  Anyone who’s read me for a long time knows how enamored I am with this blog, who writes it, and what it stands for.  Eric is a fellow Nebraskan, and  he writes about  fly fishing, the beauty of Nebraska, the joys of raising a small daughter, and the peace and tranquility the hobby of fishing and fly tying can hold for those who want to try it. I found this blog when I searched for other bloggers from Nebraska, and even though I would rather walk on hot coals than catch (or eat) a fish, I read this blog faithfully, because it’s filled with beauty.  Eric’s daughter Little E is such a darling companion in his travels, and he captures some of the most beautiful photos of our regional landscapes, whether or not he is actually catching fish.  I don’t know the first thing about lures or flies, but I don’t care.  I’ll read him as long as he writes, simply because he is a wonderful man, with many wonderful things to say about life, and you should too, even if he isn’t your neighbor.

On Wednesday, he wrote a post about bullying.  Some anonymous person had left some nasty comments on his blog.  Called him a “douchebag”.  Said he looked like a douchebag and to just show pictures of the fish.  I was shocked when I read this.  Of all the blogs I read, this is the last one I ever expected to see a comment of this nature left on.  How dare this  person who hides behind the internet?  What has Big E ever done to you?  If all you want is to see pictures of fish, then do a Google image search for fish.

Eric’s post focused on the fact that bullying shouldn’t be tolerated, and that this person had missed the point of his blog entirely.  He said he wasn’t hurt, and that bullying wasn’t anything new to him.  But I was hurt for him.  Big E has nothing but kind and encouraging things to say, and it’s sad and shameful that someone chose to pick on him, and hide behind the internet to do it.  Please read E’s post, and his followup post from today.  You will be surprised.  Eric is a very nice man, but he’s also a very smart man, and not a doormat.



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