Thursday Haiku Madness-quick and dirty edition


Hey kids.  I’m very busy being all important at my super high-powered job today, so I’m sorry I’m late with them thar haikus we’ve shared every Thursday for the last few months *sniff*.

Since I don’t have a lot of time today, I’ll keep it brief and hope that the best haikus end up in the comments section, because..well, you’re all writers, so I’m sure you can do it.  Yay!!! Thanks so much for picking up the slack.

Okay, without further ado~here’s the shortest, lamest, most interactive THM ever!!!!!!!


Work is such a pain!

I got out of bed for this?

Totally lame, dude


Work just ain’t much fun

If it was sposed to be fun,

We’d have to pay them


Hustle, Bustle, CRAP!

Can I go home yet, PUH-LEEZ?

Working my ass off!


Okay friends, TAG!~You’re It!  I’ll try to give you smiles and thumbs up and pithy comments and all that shit, but please don’t expect them right away.  As always, thanks for playing! ~TCD


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26 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness-quick and dirty edition

  1. In no real hurry
    the wind outside is so cold
    so I keep indoors


    Hustle bustle now
    and then, put off the house work
    no cleaning for me

    • Good rules to live by. I’m in the office alone today, and then I might have to go home and clean-barf. House is for sale, may have two showings tomorrow. Been on the market for a while with little interest-lousy Nebraska winters, so I’ve gotten quite lazy. Don’t even care anymore. Waiting to hear from Realtor about tomorrow. Hope it won’t happen, who wants to move in January? Blecch.

      • ya. Being the library ALONE is the most awesome experience. Books speaking and a building built in 1799– I LOVE it. I go in early early every day to have my moment of peace.

    • Oh that blows! Co-worker got fired today. I’m in the office alone, until my replacement starts, which I guess is next week. For now, I guess she’ll be replacing my co worker. Showing house again tomorrow. Wish us luck.

      By the way-I need new tires too. Driving Tim Robbins car. Sigh. Yes, today sucks indeed.

      • Definitely wish you luck on the house. Glad he didn’t fire you, and you can keep your job. Our son is using Jimmy Smits’ car while we get his fixed and tires put on. Jimmy Smits doesn’t know it, but his car is presently buried off an alley in a snow bank. AAA can’t get to it because of ice. I’m giving the boy until Saturday afternoon to get the car out safely before I rat his ass out. It wasn’t his fault, but it adds to the stress of the week.

  2. I know it’s Tuesday. But this just came to me and I had to have a place to write it down. I haven’t posted a haiku for a while, but see? You still have me thinking in haiku.

    my feet are colder
    than a snowman’s icy dick
    please turn up the heat

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