Stuff I’d never do-even if today was my last day on Earth

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Hello again,  since I’ll never have another chance to assault your eyeballs, I plan to do it as much as I can today.  I am of course, banking on not being here tomorrow, but you never know.  Like I said in my previous post, I AM at work today, because, God forbid, I should get my fat ass fired and be without at job on Monday, just in case there is a Monday.


While I dream of doing wild and crazy things today, there are some things I will NOT do today, or ever, because I’m a lady (to use the term loosely) and I have a little bit of class.  Here are some things I would never do, regardless of the circumstances.


~Go to the grocery store wearing the following outfit: Mini skirt, winter coat and UGGS-especially if I was the size of the woman I saw doing this in my little town the other day.  Big Ewww!


~Rob a bank, and brag about it to the world in a You Tube video.  Yes, that happened right here in Nebraska a few weeks ago. Here’s the proof, just in case you didn’t see this on the news in your neck of the woods.



~Get shitfaced in a local bar and embarrass myself.  Those days are so far behind me, I can’t even see them anymore.


~Do anything that may get me in the latest edition of the book People Of Walmart~ Unless, of course it’s for sporting a totally radical mohawk~one of my son’s friends IS in the latest P O W book for doing just that!  He kicks ass.  Don’t know any other kid that plays in the city orchestra and has such a bodacious hairstyle.


So, what are things you would NEVER do, no matter how tempting, if you really thought this was your last day?



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15 thoughts on “Stuff I’d never do-even if today was my last day on Earth

    • Thank you! Glad you liked and I hope you had a wonderful Holiday. I’m hoping that your captain made it home safely. I tried giving up meat but was unsuccessful. We Nebraskans love our beef. 😀

      • I’m sure veggies have a tough time in your state! Yup, the capt got home just in time and we had a lovely Christmas. He’ll be here for a few weeks, so I’m a happy girl! Hope your holidays are happy, too!

      • My youngest boy, Mr. Easy Bake himself, gave me and my shiny new husband all of his XBox games, and a couple new ones, so the frustration of learning my way around a handful of different virtual killing fields should keep me busy-and my husband laughing for months to come. Yay? 😉

      • I had my present early (that Chanel I was dying for) so he didn’t have anything for me cos he couldn’t shop in the middle of the ocean, but felt bad and ran to Rite Aid and got me some booties you put in the microwave to heat up (love them!) and a pedicure kit (love that too). I just love to unwrap stuff, I’m like a puppy!

      • Awwww, that’s so cute! We got the XBox as a gift to each other, and Mr. Cheeky felt bad that I didn’t have anything to open yesterday, and I wouldn’t let him go buy me something. I told him he can just get me something girly for my birthday and/or Valentine’s Day. It’s just pretty awesome to share Christmas (or any other day) with him, so I don’t need anything else at all.

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