Wonder Mutt’s First Winter Wonderland!~Yay~!

Well, you know Mr The Cheeky Diva and I have a puppy.  Daisy the Wonder Mutt.  She was born last February, and until yesterday, had never seen snow before.  Here she is, isn’t she a charmer?

What do you mean I can't get in that bed with you?  Watch me!!

So, am I the cutest dog you’ve ever seen or what?

Well, yesterday, we got more snow than I’ve seen myself in a while.  I really hate snow.  I’m not a fan of winter at all.  Here’s a few pictures of my yard:

Wanna go for a bike ride?

Wanna go for a bike ride?


Care to sit a spell on the comfy patio?


I’m not too sure about this. Where am I supposed to go to the baffroom?


If I don’t retrace my steps, I’ll get lost in this stuff. It’s as tall as me!

This stuff looks pretty tasty.

This stuff looks pretty tasty.

Am I not regal in my winter surroundings? I am the official dog of the Royal Family you know.

Am I not regal in my winter surroundings? I am the official dog of the Royal Family you know.


34 thoughts on “Wonder Mutt’s First Winter Wonderland!~Yay~!

    • Thank you. She’s usually not quite so regal, she’s usually running around with a sock or a pair of underwear in her teeth and being chased by us. You can’t really see it in the picture, but she has snow on her nose.

  1. We’ve got a low-riding dog ourselves, and it’s hilarious everytime we get a dump of snow that measures taller than his shoulders to watch him loping around trying to find the best pee position. It must be quite the vantage point from his perspective.

    • I bet you’re right. It’s like her boundaries are gone. She’s going all over the place. The sidewalk, the patio, you name it everywhere but the grass-where I scooped a little spot for her. Crazy dog.

  2. Dang, your storm is calm. It’s super windy here, and the wind blew off one of my chimney caps. And a bunch of branches. And it’s lightly snowing. But that’s cool your dog got to play!

    • It was terribly wicked yesterday. It didn’t come down easy at all. Two power transformers blew up right where I work. The power kept going off. The interstate is still closed through most of the state. Today it was very calm and sunny though. Every one at your house feeling better?

      • Everyone except my wife, which I feel bad about. I want her to feel good so she can have a good Christmas. I have been holding her and rubbing her back and cuddling her and plying her with lots of meds and all that. Fingers crossed! I’m getting up with the kids tomorrow and letting her sleep in. I’ll take them to school and all that.

      • Yeah, she got it second, and me and James Dean got it and got over it since then. Well, I’m not totally over it, but I can sleep, at least. Well, I can’t sleep because she’s not in bed because she’s coughing, and sleeping upright in our big chair in the living room. But… you know….

  3. Daisy is the cutest thing ever! Our two big dogs loved the snow. We had to put Joe (the hound) on a 50-foot leash to let him run through the snow – but not run away. Our beagle likes it, but being a low rider makes it hard for him to bound well. When Jimmy Smits is at work, I try to keep up with the walks and keep salt on the steps. While I’m out there, I always make a path into the yard and clear a circle of grass as best I can. We try to keep an open area all snow season so the dogs can get there noses down on the ground and have a place to do their business. Made for much faster outdoor time. See you later! Have a good day!

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