Daily Prompt~ You’re not hardcore until you live hardcore

Today’s DP Challenge: 

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

This one was too easy.  My guilty pleasure?  Without a doubt, it’s  TruTv’s television show Hardcore Pawn. I love it.  I can’t get enough.  It’s crazy, it’s embarrassing, but you know what?  I don’t really care.  Gimme my Hardcore Pawn, and gimme it now.  In fact, it’s Tuesday, which means that tonight, my space age DVR will lovingly record a new episode of my beloved reality show for later viewing at my convenience.


What is it about the show that I’m so crazy about?  Is it the crazy people?  The real life Detroit citizens that just happen to be completely off their rocker while the cameras happen to be rolling?  What a coincidence.  I heard a rumor that some of the show is staged, but how could that be???? Reality TV is real isn’t it?  Otherwise, wouldn’t they call it Fakery TV?
 I do enjoy watching Seth Gold and his sister Ashley bicker like two-year olds.  They are a dysfunctional train wreck and I cant’ seem to take my eyes off of them.
It’s also pretty cool when a rare treasure  gets carried in the door, like Eva Braun’s jewelry, or a custom-made espresso maker.  Those are the items that have me screaming at the TV  -“Go home and sell it on Ebay, you IDIOT!, They aren’t gonna give you anything for THAT” and I cheer when they walk out the door.  I have to wonder about those who do take the money, do they watch the show?  Do they find out months later, as they watch Les talk about how he’s going to make a killing on the item THEY sold, do they want to put their head in the oven?
But, for that type of pawn, The History Channel is the winner hands down, with Pawn Stars.
Pawn Stars
So why do I prefer HardCore Pawn over Pawn Stars, when I have always considered myself much more of a history buff than a rubbernecking creep who enjoys the exploitation that reality TV is all about?  Well, for starters, Chumley isn’t much of a looker.
Okay, there.  Pandora’s box is open.  I thought this would be a great post to reveal my secret celebrity crush.  None other than Les Gold.  Just look at that face.  Isn’t he a charmer?  Is it the hair? The earring? The uncommon velour sweater?  I just don’t know.  Maybe it’s his appreciation for vintage items, his love for Detroit, or his willingness to help people who are really in need.  I can’t put my finger on it.
This crush is so bad, I don’t even try to hide it from Mr. The Cheeky Diva anymore.  In fact, I find that now I am not only fawning over Les when we watch the show, but I’m trying in my not so subtle way to TURN Mr. Cheeky INTO my own personal version of Les Gold.  “Honey, you’d look great with an earring.”  Or, “Hey baby, why don’t you let your curls grow out?”  I entertained the thought of getting him a white V neck sweater for Christmas this year, but I fought the urge.
I know many of my regular readers, especially the ones who have been with me for a while have seen a picture of Mr. Cheeky.  He’s a very handsome man.  Why I’m being such a horrible wife and trying to make him something he’s not, I don’t know.  Can I stop myself?  Can this marriage be saved?  Here’s Mr. Cheeky as he looks now:
Quite a handsome devil, woudn't you say?
Quite a handsome devil,
wouldn’t you say?

And here, thanks in part to high-tech tools at my disposal,  is a digital representation of Mr. The Cheeky Diva as he might look after a Les Gold makeover.  The difference is stunning, don’t you think?  I really think he could rock this look and have me, and all the other women in the area swooning.  Maybe once he sees how fine he can look, he’ll get on board with this.  What do you guys think?

Mr Cheeky
The new and improved Mr. TCD?
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30 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~ You’re not hardcore until you live hardcore

  1. Hey, I’m from Detroit, too, but I could not wait to move to sunny socal. It was funny, i went to a wrap party a few months ago in carlsbad for this show. I don;t watch it, but if you saw an episode located in my town, that was it! My son’s friend’s gf’s band played for the party.

  2. I have not been able to get into reality TV. Of any type. Most of the reality TV shows I’ve seen are filled with the people on the show talking harshly about the other people on the show in a derogatory manner. Behind their backs. It gets old.

    It used to remind me of sitting in the break room at one of my old jobs. People would just come in their and gossip about other people (and put them down) all day in there. I don’t like it…

    Oh, well. Hopefully, Mr. TCD isn’t too awfully offended by your post. Or maybe it might even give him a roleplaying idea your next sexy time session!

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    • I wish you could have heard my husband laughing when he saw the drawing I made of him. He really enjoyed the post. He did remind me that tonight is a new one…like I didn’t already know that. 😉

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  5. As much as I typically eschew all things reality tv, I’ll secretly admit that I don’t “hate” it when my kids put on a Spike TV show called Inkmaster. We all have our secrets.

    Love the pics of Mr. TCD, too. Do you think he’d have to trade the bow tie in for the chain? It takes a special look to be able to rock both at the same time.

    • 1-Ink Masters? Are you kidding me!!! Tonight is the finale! Don’t miss it. What about Tattoo Nightmares? That’s a pretty good one too.

      2-Mr, Cheeky give up his bow tie? Not a chance. Look at that face! He’s so damn handsome and suave he can rock a burlap bag and galoshes, my friend.

      (By the way, I gave him a verbal disclaimer before I let him read, “I love you just the way you are, don’t change a thing, this is all in fun.”)–He loved it, he laughed so hard. He really got a kick out of his Les Gold Makeover.

  6. I like Les, and the show, but I really don’t watch much television to say I’m stuck on a certain show. I have watched Gordon Ramsey on NetFlix; love his show Kitchen Nightmares.

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  8. “dysfunctional train wreck” sums up that show pretty well, I think.

    I watch it every once in a while for about 5 minutes, then it just starts to get under my skin. It’s massively irritating in so many ways. The greasy haired sheister mob-leader, or the dumb forking kids of his — I’m not sure which is more obnoxious. THEN throw in the fact that every single person that comes into the store wanting to fist fight over a twenty dollar transaction….

    …it really gives the surrounding areas a bad rap. The city is great in so many ways. Unfortunately, that show doesn’t capture anything good.

    But what the hell do I know? I’m from the BURBS. Not to be confused with Detroit. Bah!

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