Daily Prompt~Me(us) Time

Today’s DP Challenge, via our plucky story wrangler Michelle:

Daily Prompt~ Me Time

What is your ideal Saturday morning.  Are you doing those things this morning?  Why not?

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed (Photo credit: Gyrus) Oh yeah, this is exactly what I’m talkin’ about

My ideal Saturday morning is me waking up at the crack of 4 am, like I am prone to do.  I can’t sleep in no matter how hard I try, unless I’m sick.  I leave Mr. The Cheeky Diva alone, because he likes to sleep a little later than I do.

While he’s sleeping, I’ll have some real alone time.  Check the blogosphere, see what my Tweeps are up to, have a few chugs of Joe and throw together a not so healthy but yummy and easy breakfast.

When I think my Prince Charming has had enough beauty sleep, I’ll creep into the lavishly appointed master suite/love nest and wake him up.

Wearing my beloved Victoria’s Secret flannel jammies he gave me for our first Christmas together, I am carrying a  silver tray, lined with an antique lace doily  that holds the following things:

A porcelain coffee carafe and two cups, two champagne flutes  of orange juice, topped of with a bit of bubbly, two oversized muffins, bursting with chocolate chips and raspberries, each with a glittery crust of extra large sugar crystals and a bowl of sliced fresh fruit.

I set the tray on the bed and give him a light peck on the forehead to rouse him, as he is a light sleeper.  He’s thrilled to see the tray of yummy vittles, but of course goes for the coffee first~who wouldn’t?

We lounge in our comfy bed, drinking our coffee, having our breakfast, laughing and talking about what we will do today, if we ever do get out of bed.


Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  Yeah it does, why am I not doing it?  Well for starters, I’m at work.  If I wasn’t, I’d be home and to make this scene happen, either Daisy The Wonder Mutt would be on the bed with us, or she’d be barking and whining outside our bedroom door.  Nice dream though.

What do you mean I can't get in that bed with you?  Watch me!!

What do you mean I can’t get in that bed with you? Watch me!!

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27 thoughts on “Daily Prompt~Me(us) Time

  1. yes, sounds lovely… all except the dog part, of course… and the muffins in bed part, crumbs, you know… Oh, and the bowl of fruit… yuck, where’s the bacon?

    Well, each to her own, right? 🙂

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  3. You had me going. I really believed you lived like a diva princess celebutard. Then I felt all lower-middle class/caucasian trailer trashy like I lived next door to Brittany Spears or something. And now I just feel a little bit better about my ho ho ho hum life.

  4. My Saturday morning is always about errands. Driving kids here or there, returning library books, getting oil changes, groceries.

    Sounds tedious but, oddly, I love it. It’s my family time and I get the things done with them that we never have time for during the week. The breaky in bed thing sounds like something I should try though…

  5. Cheeky,
    Sounds like a great morning!
    I am the first one up as well, usually between 3 or 4; that’s just me.
    Maybe I’ll go buy some muffins and orange juice tonight for tomorrow morning; coffee is a given.
    You are an inspiration!

  6. I spent this morning either coughing and feeling bad, or feeling artificially quite good. As did my whole family. Fun times. Sorry you had to work today. That suck diddly ucks. You had me going with your story.

    • I read your post this morning. What a bummer! Such a drag that your whole family is feeling so dreadful. Get well soon! Stay warm and drink lots of Jaegermeister-it was invented as a cough remedy I found out this weeknend–Blecch@!

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