DP Challenge~ In Loving Memory

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Write your obituary. 

API-The Cheeky Diva dies at 97

Cheeky Diva Logo

December 7th, 2062

The world mourns the passing of that lovable loony, The Cheeky Diva, who died surrounded by friends and family at her home today. For just over 50 years, The Cheeky Diva spread her “special” brand of love all over the internet and the world.

The Cheeky Diva became a household word in 2012, via her popular blog by the same name.  She taught the world to love poetry with her Thursday Haiku Madness and Bad Poems About Food.  She offered misguided advice for building an audience, dealing with Holidays and relationships.

Readers flocked to The Cheeky Diva blog to see what she would say next, as it was always unexpected. The Diva Of Dorks, The Maven Of Morons, and a self proclaimed Know-it-All, CheekyD, as her close friends called her, was a wealth of useless and mostly incorrect information.

Over the years, she became a much beloved pop culture icon and “The Cheeky Diva” backpacks, lunchboxes and T-Shirts can still be seen the world over, lovingly worn  and carried by her adoring  fans and followers. Her book “My Cheeky Life, The Art Of Being Marvelous” was a New York Times bestseller for many months, and is still wildly popular, having been reprinted in many editions and translated into 37 languages.

The Cheeky Diva had been in poor health in recent months, and was visited in her last few days by close friends who have  cheated death and still manage to look fabulous.  Among those were gal pals Raquel Welch, Joan Rivers and gnarly dudes Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston Esquire.

Death came quietly for TCD, but she didn’t go with it quietly.  She was kicking, screaming, and spewing obscenities until she gasped her last breath.  Her last words were reported to be: “Just wait ’til I get to Heaven, I’ll show that David Byrne that things can and DO happen there.”

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37 thoughts on “DP Challenge~ In Loving Memory

  1. Sniff, sniff, I’ll miss you! but how’s about leaving me a few special things in your will, like any diamonds, animal print, future royalties on all your merchandise…I’ll try to bravely carry on without you!

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    • I will not go quietly into that …whatever the rest of that quote is. Thanks! I do see myself fighting Death until there is no fight left in me. Which is precisely why I avoid salmon mousse at all costs. Hope that means something to you. 😉

      • I’m fighting it as well, by living as powerfully as I can!

        Salmon mouse, avoiding at all costs…..well, for one thing I would definitely be avoiding it as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ummmm… doing your own obituary is just tacky… and a little creepy. A while ago Ed Hotspur had all of us do obituaries for him… really rude, nasty ones… (I ripped him a new A@#hole)… And that was a fun day. Then you get to see what we think about you while you are still here to enjoy it.

    • Just wait my friend! I’ve got an artist working on a new image for me. Too many people using this tired old clip art lady with her mystery casserole. Once I have a new look, I just might slap it on everything! Squee!

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