Romantic Monday Video

What’s more romantic for a couple of oldsters than this tune?  Heard it this morning and it brought back a lot of memories.  Real post later today.  I promise.

13 thoughts on “Romantic Monday Video

    • This song was very popular when my husband and I were in college. We used to go to a lot of parties and dances, and watch a lot of MTV when it was still “music television”. He came in the kitchen before work this morning, with his Droid in his pocket, blaring this familiar ditty. He did his cute little “dance with me” move with an adorable grin, and those college days came flooding back. There isn’t much that’s more romantic than still being crazy about the boy you used to dance with in college, and the fact that he still wants to dance with you too.

  1. That’s pretty cool. Our song was “Up, up and away” by the 5th Dimension (46 years ago). On our 25th Anniversary, we took a hot air balloon ride.

    • Oh wow! That’s so awesome! We didn’t really have “a song” that I remember, but we got engaged in 83, broke up in 85, found each other on Facebook of all places in 2009, when we lived 1200 miles apart and were both going through a divorce. We just got married in May, so most of our days are still pretty magical and romantic. Just couldn’t ever get him out of my heart, ….glad I didn’t try harder. 😉

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    • *sigh* That was the first dance song at our wedding. It’ll b 7 months the day after tomorrow! If I really think about it, the song Hold Me Now, by the Thompson Twins was a song that reminded us a lot of each other in the years we were apart, since we saw them in concert at our little college before they were famous. We actually played about an hour of songs in the church before the ceremony started, sort of telling our story in song. Each guest got a cd of that group of songs-whether they wanted it or not-HA! Lots of songs about love, loss, and rescue and redemption and happiness and all that sappy shit. It was the sappiest wedding I’ve ever been to! 🙂

      • So glad I have the interweb! Thanks to a crappy boring job and the interweb I had a year to grossly over plan and underfund my fabulous wedding! After that, there was a huge void left in my day. For months, I just wandered around the house, wearing my wedding gown and crying. Dear husband sez-“Honey, I hate to see you this way. Please start a blog or something so I don’t have to commit you and get an annulment.” I guess you know the rest.

      • Um yeah. Doesn’t sound so glamorous when you put it that way. I hope he saved is bath water so I can cook up that dead ox for him tonight. Ain’t love grand?

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