Were you truly thankful? Or were you just there for the food?

Maybe your Thanksgiving didn’t look like this. So what. Did anybody’s?


As this Thanksgiving weekend winds to a close, and we start to focus on Christmas, are you giving any thought at all to Thursday and what it really meant to you?

I am one of those people who spends way to much time in their own head, and this morning, I started thinking about all of the people who were at my table this week, and how if events, choices and fate had played different cards, which of them, if any, would have been there at all.

A brush with death, a ruptured appendix, a chance meeting, a dangerous deployment to the other side of the world,   a gamble taken by a man on the girl he used to love a hundred years ago.  Those events, and countless others, have shaped the life path of my little family unit.  

Under different circumstances, that table may have had different occupants, possibly been empty, and maybe I myself wouldn’t have been there, helming the herd and strapping the feedbag on all of their much loved faces. 

So while I, like millions of others in the world, am about to be caught up in a festive and commercial American Christmas, I have to stop myself and remember why I, why we-really subject ourselves to this thing called Thanksgiving year after year. 

It’s not about the long drive to get there, it’s not about football, it’s not about who can eat the most.  It’s not about a perfect, moist turkey that will be talked about for years.

It’s about a meal that’s special, because of who is eating it with you.  It’s about bringing people together, some who may not have seen each other for a long time.  The one day of the year where we should feel blessed and give at least one moment’s thought to how different it could be, if life had taken you, or your loved ones, down an alternate path. 

Maybe your Thanksgiving dinner looked more like this, and that kicks ass!

I know you are waiting with bated breath for your list of As Seen On TV stocking stuffers, and you will get them.  But I just wanted to say that your vapid and shallow hostess is truly thankful and my fambly is the most bestest fambly in the whole wide world. 

My Holiday wish to you is that your fambly is the most bestest fambly in the whole wide world too.  


23 thoughts on “Were you truly thankful? Or were you just there for the food?

    • When I think of Thanksgivings gone by, this one has to be one of the best yet, even though it was just my side of the family, so it was very small and low key. As far as vapid and shallow? that’s just how I roll, and I’m “shticking” to it. 😉

      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have an awesome holiday season yourself!

  1. Yes, yours was a Thanksgiving where there was so much to be thankful for. You’ve had an amazing year this year. I was thankful my mother is still with us, and I was thankful our son joined us for dinner when I thought he had other plans. I liked the slower pace of the holiday this year.

    • It was awfully nice. Hoping Christmas will be equally awesome. Just got an email-Xbox was shipped today. Tim Robbins expects me to have it all hooked up and be a Halo expert by the time he gets home on Friday. As if! I’ll be afraid to even take the damn thing out of the box. Glad you had a nice one. Your “corn shit” sounds pretty yummy. You’ll have to include the recipe in an upcoming email.

  2. Okay, the whole ‘who would I know if things had happened in a different way’ thing is an awesome concept. Like that Christmas movie where Jimmy Steart gets to see his world if he had never been born. We all need to do a post like that.

    • Pretty weird to think about, since my middle son and I both almost died when he was born, and I wasn’t supposed to have any more babies. If I listened, I wouldn’t have had my youngest, who was always flirting with death as a child (daredevil). And What if Mr. Cheeky had never responded to that risky and time warping Facebook friend request? Hmmmmm…..don’t even want to think about all that stuff, oh yeah I do, I wrote a post about it.

  3. Adam and Cheeky,

    Ageism can happy in either direction. Old people can make young punks feel like they have no life experience, and young people can make us hags feel obsolete.

    Also, Hover-rounds are great! My mom had one and that sucker turned on a dime! Zero to 3 in 30 seconds flat.

    Oh, and while I’m here — nice post even though it got me thinking again about how lame my t-day was, complete with t.v. trays and deli turkey.

    • Jean, my 2009 Thanksgiving was the worst ever. My kids went to their fathers house, I was invited (ewww) but declined, we were in the middle of an ugly divorce. Don’t even know why he invited me. I spent the entire day alone, cleaned both of my bathrooms, watched TV and did a lot of crying. My Thanksgiving Day feast was chili dogs and pop tarts. Not kidding. I hope your’s is much better next year.

      • How awful. If he is like any ex that I might know, he probably invited you to look good. Appearances are everything, after all, right?

        I am glad you and your sense of humor emerged unscathed. Chili Dogs and Pop Tarts eh? Sounds like a good reason for a poem.

        Hey, I just noticed I wrote happy instead of happen. I am so “thankful” you can translate. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

      • Oh, it was just him and the kids. I’m sure he wanted help cooking. I just can’t seem to get rid of him actually. Believe it or not, he’s at my workplace, right now while I’m typing this to you. In the next office. I can hear his creepy laugh. Blechh! Isn’t there somewhere else in this town the guy can go to buy a car? Seriously! Calgon take me away and all that shit. I’m most thankful that I’m not married to him anymore.

  4. For all the stress, planning, headaches, drama, and strange-ass in-laws, nothing beats the holidays. Glad you had a fantastic weekend, Diva. Here’s to many more like ’em!

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