Fond Holiday Memories……..

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Thanksgiving.  It was a good one.  Other than one broken glass, and a turkey that peaked before it’s time, it was a great day.

I’m still quite a handsome woman! Right?

I was not surprised at how it turned out, because hey, we are the coolest kids on the block and we get along like peas in a pod.  The food was of course spectacular, because,…….. well, because I cooked it.  The turkey did get done a little bit too early, but it was still a pretty yummy bird, who is now just a skeleton with one leg.  One leg that will be going home with my youngest son today in a giant bag of leftovers.

Even my arch nemesis-gravy-turned out well.  But only because I cheated.  FYI- I got me a Target brand turkey, for a meager 79 cents a pound, and I must say, the gravy packet included was the best packet of cheater gravy I have ever added water to as a Thanksgiving Diva.  That’s right folks, you heard it here.  I can whip up Julia Child‘s fabulous Spinach and Ham Tart, but I can not make gravy.

Yes, this is my real life cookie sheet, in my real life oven, with a real life Spinach and Ham Tart I really made. Impressive, mainly because it’s not served with gravy.

The major food disappointment was that much touted booze soaked cake I’ve been bragging about all week.  It wasn’t exactly a fail, but it was less than I had hoped.  Youngest son always expects a pumpkin case for Thanksgiving, and I didn’t make one.  He told me that there better be one here when he comes for Christmas, and it’s my one and only chance to redeem myself.

There was much eating, followed by much groaning and many hours of lighthearted teasing.  How much fun it was to have all three kids together in the same room.  That doesn’t happen very often anymore, as they are all off doing the important business of being young adults.

There were no drunken brawls, and the adult beverages I purchased for the occasion went for the most part untouched.  In fact the only one who put their snout in the booze was me.  After 8 Tylenol, the back pain was winning, so I had a few glasses of wine.  Consequently, I’ll be the only one with a slight hangover today.

You broke a glass? Forget about it Darling! It was empty. No booze was wasted in your little mishap. All is well.

After much weighty discussion, and finding a great price on line at Best Buy, we decided that yes, Virginia, we do want an X-Box. Sadly, when I put it in my shopping cart, of course they were out of stock.  So today, the quest for the black box of joy at the magic number continues.

Just see if you can find me for $199 today. What have we learned about procrastinating?

When the kids left and we went up to bed, we watched the second hour of Gone With The Wind. We started watching Wednesday, and I fear that I won’t hear Rhett give Scarlett the world’s most famous kiss-off until tomorrow.   I have gotten much too old to stay up late and watch the whole thing in one viewing.  

As God is my witness, I’ll never get so freakin’ old I can’t watch my whole 4 hour Oscar winning performance in one sitting.

 It’s funny, but a part of me is DYING to go shopping today.  I have no idea why.  I asked the kids yesterday what they wanted for Christmas, and none of them could think of a thing.  I would be throwing myself into the arena with no agenda, no clear plan, and no concrete goals.  That would make me an easy kill for the more competitive and focused shoppers. So why am I hankering to get involved in the violence and the stampeding?  Maybe I’m just being swept up by the Christmas Spirit!  

Happy Holidays!

While writing this, I just heard on CNN that a man was removed from the festivities for threatening to stab people in line waiting for a K Mart to open in Sacramento, California.  Sigh.  Warms the heart to know the Holiday season has officially begun.  ….Kay……….Off to find that X-box.  

21 thoughts on “Fond Holiday Memories……..

      • Good for you! They tell me the tofurkey was good but I stayed with the real deal. Oddly enough, everything was vegan except the turkey and the stuffing. I think the vegans are winning…

      • That would have been fun! Next year, be sure to bring a big jar of fresh batteries-for the wireless X-Box remotes. Then you can kick my ass at Assassins Creed. Woooooo Hooooo!!!!

      • I don’t have a video game and the last time I played one at my brothers house I threw out my shoulder and almost punched him (by accident). I’ll just focus on the food and that booze cake! 🙂

      • Then we would be equally matched opponents, friend. I haven’t played video games since my kids were little and I used to mop the floor with them at Tetris (Nice mom, huh?). Mr. Cheeky is the gamer, and we were looking for something fun we can do together. He will spend the next few months showing me what all the shiny buttons on that controller do.

    • The first time I watched it, I was 12 years old. We just got HBO and I was Sooooo excited. The first day we had it, they showed Gone With The Wind 3 times. I literally spent the whole day watching it. When I needed to take a break from all the sweeping epic action, I went into the bathroom and practiced Scarlett’s trademark eyebrow lift in the mirror until I had it perfected.

      To this day, I still do it. Fiddle dee dee.


      • I’ve never watched it myself– that and the Sound of Music or It’s a Wonderful life. Speaking of wonderful– your Thanksgiving sounded fabulous. And I quite agree– something very balanced and peaceful about having all your kids home. Cheers! Way to go on the X-Box

      • I’m sure there will have to be at least one post in the future about my husband kicking my ass at the Xbox. Happy Holidays. Congrats on your recent awards! That’s so awesome!

  1. Ha! Thanksgiving and xBox goes together like…well, Christmas and xBox, and birthdays and xBox, and any day ending in “y” and xBox, and…well, you get the idea.

    The tart thing looks super tasty. The only thing I’ve been able cook that looks halfway close to that has very specific instructions on the box that say: thaw, peel of wrapper, microwave for three minutes, then don’t burn your mouth, stupid.

    Glad you had a good weekend!

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