Daily Post Prompt Challenge Connect the dots.

Today’s DP Challenge~

Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

“Uncover, and still blending at top speed, immediately start pouring on the hot butter in a thin stream of droplets.”

Damn!  I am such a ninja!

I’m sitting in my kitchen at the table, so logically, the closest book was a cookbook.  It just happened to be Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, by my hero, Julia Child.

If you read my earlier post about Thanksgiving, or if you’ve read any others, you know that I am a badass in the kitchen, but one of the few things that still eludes me is the magic of making gravy.

So why am I a ninja?

Because even though the rich, creamy liquid ambrosia that we pour on our foodstuffs is beyond my grasp, I KNEW that this sentence,- 3rd full sentence, page 82-, was from the recipe for Hollandaise Sauce.

NO, I didn’t look at the top of the page. After I typed it here, I thought  “Hmmm, that’s Hollandaise Sauce.” So I re-opened the book to the page and like usual, found that I had been correct.

Sauces are just like gravy people, can’t make those very well either.  But the fact that I could recognize the recipe, from that one sentence, even though I only made it once,well over a year ago, and it was a fail, is a testament to my sheer genius.

I am a sponge.  A sponge.  Did you hear me?  A sponge.  I soak up anything I see, hear and read and can spit it back out to you years later, when you least expect it.  Most of the time, when its inappropriate as well.

Lucky you don’t really know me, and that this is simply a recipe.  No shame for you today.

Are you as impressed with my mad skillz as I am?

Okay fine.

31 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt Challenge Connect the dots.

    • Well that in itself is awesome! Hopefully the reading will spark something in you to write. This didn’t inspire me to attempt Hollandaise sauce again, by the way. I love it, but again, I usually cheat and make it from an envelope of mix. 😉

  1. Very fun post, Cheeky Diva! I love “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” And good on you to recognize the recipe from one line in the book. Maybe a new form of “Name that Tune?” I made Bernaise sauce for the first time last week to go on Rib Eye Steaks. It was delicious. I think those French are on to something…

    • That is a very special book for me. My darling new husband gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago, a wonderful story that I should write a post about. He is such a sweetheart, there is no end to the stories I could tell about how wonderful he is. Sadly, I have read it more as a book than anything. Julia has such a way with words. I would love to catch up on French Chef episodes on Amazon, as I missed most of them as a child. I love Bernaise sauce too!~Of course, can’t make that one either. Happy cooking and as always, thanks for reading! 🙂

    • Thanks! By the way, the story surrounding this my copy of this wonderful book, is a charming tale of love, loss and redemption. Perfect for Romantic Monday, so look for it! -Let’s just say Mr. TheCheekyDiva doesn’t do anything half-assed.

      I got the email about being Freshly Pressed 2 days before it actually hit the page. But, it’s odd. I wrote my post and got my email 2 hours later. Adam at Right To Bitch got his email within minutes of posting. On the other side of the coin, Maddie Cochere’s FPed piece ended up on the front page the same day she wrote it, -I think. So it’s kind of up in the air.

      • Oh no. Remember, I’m a “Super Friend”? I’ve figured out what this means-Freshly Pressed will listen to your tweets, they will “Press” your friends. Anything stellar you write will be politely ignored, even though they tell you they “always look forward to reading your take on the postaday prompts”-sigh. I am definitely on the downward spiral following my meteoric rise to the D-List. Waiting for a call from Danny Bonaduce, hoping I can replace Gary Busey on World’s Dumbest.

    • Hi there! Glad to help. I simply add a link in the opening of my posts, and it gives me a pingback on the DP Challenge page. It just appears there without me doing anything else beyond linking up the original post. My posts don’t always appear there though. I know they like to spread the love, so if it’s a challenge that a lot of people participate in, or if a lot of others link up before I do, I don’t get that trackback. I just happened to be up early, available, and motivated by the post today. Hope this helps, and have fun with the challenges! I always do. 🙂

    • will do! I will just reply to both of your comments here. Welcome to Word Press! I hope you love it here as much as I do. I started my blog in late July, and I too am having a lot of fun with it. Be prepared to meet lots of new friends and fellow writers. This is a wonderful, supportive and inspiring community of people who all want to see others thrive and grow in their writing, blogging and other pursuits.

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  3. I’ve only just woken up so haven’t even had my wake up coffee yet. When i’m feeling more civilised I will reach for a book. In the mean time, I like your post. 🙂 🙂 smiles all round. PS, forget Juilia Child (gasp!). She was wonderful but made up her own recipes, Time you took the plunge and did the same. Be Brave. 🙂 🙂

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    • Complete with a special love note/birthday greeting from the most awesome husband in the world. That makes my copy extra special. I plan to post about the book, the note and the story surrounding it for Romantic Monday, but may wait as it all happened around Valentine’s Day. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  6. The book closest to me was The Brain That Changes Itself. The third full sentence on page 82 is, “White noise is everywhere now, coming from fans in our electronics, air conditioners, heaters, and car engines.” How sad, but true. It’s really another form of pollution: not air, not water, but sound. Fatigued from its constant barrage our ears too often then disconnect as well from the gentle sounds of nature – singing birds, rustling leaves, chirping crickets, rippling streams – music that connects us to mother earth. I like to write haiku poems about such thoughts.

    Too much noise, ears tire
    Listen, hear, be healed instead
    By nature’s soft tunes

  7. I love Julia Childs so I like this post by default, lol. I did this daily prompt too – one of my favorites so far. My book was well, my book! I had one sitting beside me because I’m sending off a copy tomorrow, to the winner of a writing contest I made two weeks ago. Page 82, third line was “I knew in a heartbeat that the last chapter of our lives would be spent together.” Since my book is a diary of sorts, it brought back all those feelings as I sifted through the pages.

    • That’s so cool! Yay for writing a book! Wow! Can’t even think about doing that yet. This is a pretty special book to me, so I think it deserves another post. Probably for my birthday, since that’s when I got it, or for Valentine’s day, just a few days later, because the story is all romantical and junk.

      I love the DP Challenges myself. Almost always do them if I have the time.

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be sure to check out your entry too.


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