Thursday Haiku Madness~Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey kids, just because a Holiday falls on Thursday, doesn’t mean we are off the hook.  The haiku must go on, just like Celine Dion’s heart.  I know most of you are busy today with your family, your football, your turkeys and your stack of sales flyers, and other traditional Thanksgiving distractions.

(I would like to ask that my friends who don’t live in the US to help pick up the slack today, as I’m assuming this is just another Thursday for you.  Feel free to leave your haikus about us silly Americans and our Turkey orgy and Black Friday Mob scenes. )

But, I also know, many of you will need to wander away from all of that holiday glee for at least a few minutes, so you don’t strangle someone.  So welcome to the first ever actual Thanksgiving/Black Friday Haiku Madness!!!  Yay!  So glad you’re here!

I’m okay with things being slow here today.  I myself will be busy with my family today, so I just appreciate the fact that anyone is reading.  No pressure,  I got that brass ring of 10,000 hits last evening, so, no more whining, no more begging. Thanks to all who read that made it happen.  I’m the luckiest dork in the world!!!

Read or don’t read.  You’re all safe until the next begging benchmark comes around.

Now, without any more delays, on with the haikus, and I hope everyone’s holiday season is off to a wonderful start!


Don’t want to do this

Spend all day in the kitchen

Rather stay in bed


Gramma! What is that?

Pretzels? Whipped cream? Jello? What???

That is NOT salad


Hi cousin Melvin

Don’t bother with the TV

I blocked Pay per view


Okay who did it?

Can someone find the plunger?

“Go” at home, people!


I have had enough

Of my freaking relatives

Only 10 a.m.


Who invited you?

Snoot in the booze already?

Good Lord, Aunt Betty!!


Hi there. What’s your name?

Are you with cousin Melvin?

That explains a lot.


Okay! We’ve eaten

And we had a nice long nap

Let’s go stand in line!


Open in an hour

The line’s around the building

I don’t have a prayer


Look at what I got!

I’ve no idea what it is

But it was on SALE!


See how much I saved?!

Only took all night to get!

WHAT?! No one wants one?


Holiday lemmings

Line up to meet certain doom

Push, shove, grab, stab, JOY!

Charming tradition

Black Friday how I love thee

Stick with Amazon


Okay kids! You’re up!  ~ Hope I’ll have time to drop in and admire and comment on your lovely poems yet to be born!


47 thoughts on “Thursday Haiku Madness~Happy Thanksgiving!

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