Romantic Monday The Bonfire Effect~Chapter 4

The Bonfire Effect

Chapter 4

Just A First Date?

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Chapter 3

Every perm fried hair perfectly curled. Turquoise eyeshadow expertly applied to match her dress.  A little too much White Linen perhaps, but she was ready.  Omigosh, he’s taking me on a real date.  Heavy sigh.  Just play it cool.  But Judy knew playing it cool wasn’t going to happen.  Something happened to her every time she was near Dash Riprock that was beyond her control.  A wave of mixed emotions and an intoxicating euphoria always overtook her.  It felt much like being under the influence of nitrous oxide at the dentist’s office.  The powerful feeling had her hopelessly addicted already. Sadly, Judy was too naive and self-absorbed to recognize the significance of the feeling.  All she could do was succumb  and be carried away by it.

She was to meet him in the lobby of the dorm.  The same place where he had introduced himself in that epic way laced with foreshadowing.

My name is Dash Riprock.  Don’t you ever forget it.

 She wanted to be just a little late.  Only a couple of minutes.  In the dance, the man should wait for the lady.  She didn’t want to appear too eager, although she was practically jumping out of her skin.

So, she kept her eye on the clock.  6:30 came and went.  She watched the second-hand tick it’s way around the dial in a particlarly sluggish fashion.  6:31. 6:32. 6:33.  That’s it.  I’ve had enough.  Just go meet him. 

Dash was waiting in the lobby.  He was watching the clock as well.  Is she going to show up?  Please just be “fashionably late.” 

He had an inkling that he looked pretty good in his Navy blue V-neck sweater and tweed sports coat.  He wasn’t too sure about the knit tie fad, but he had jumped on board with it and was wearing one.  His suspsicion that he cut a dashing figure was confirmed when he saw Judy’s face as she bounced into the lobby.

 He could see her heart skip a beat at the sight of him.  This girl is crazy about me!  I’m the luckiest guy in the world! 

“You look very pretty tonight, Judy.” He said as they walked out to the car.

You look very pretty too! She was dying to say. “Thank you.” She said with a big grin.

It was a first date like most. Dinner in a quiet corner of a nice restaurant, a steak, a baked potato, a Coca~Cola.

They talked, they laughed, the nerves calmed after a time, and both realized this wouldn’t be the last time they would share a romantic dinner.  Dash reached for Judy’s hand and she responded by slipping her tiny hand into his.


This first touch was so intense.  Both could feel their hearts thump, as 10,000 volts of electricity shot through them.

What just happened here?  We’re just holding hands.  Just barely touching. 

Cheesecake and coffee for dessert.  Dash didn’t know it, but dessert was always the  most romantic part of dinner in Judy’s mind.  Lazily sharing conversation and something sweet and decadent.  Cheesecake was never as alluring as when shared on a date.  Especially a first date.

Time seemed to stand still for the two of them.  Chatting, flirting, giggling, thoroughly enamored with each other.  Both excited, but a little more relaxed, now  that the invisible force field had been dropped.  They knew.  Both of them.  As ridiculous as it seemed so early in the game, they had fallen in love.

When their dreamy bliss was shattered by the noise of a vacuum, they realized that the staff and management of the restaurant weren’t  as love-sick as they were.  They wanted to go home.

Dash leaned in close to unlock and open Judy’s car door, and she caught just a hint of English Leather on his neck, making her knees buckle.  They exchanged one more starry-eyed look before he found his way to the driver’s side,  but there was no kiss.  Not even an attempt, or a hint that a kiss was in the near future.

Now back at the dorm, the awkwardness returned.  How to  end this perfect date?

Dash was not a Casanova.  He had never been on a date before that had turned out like this one.  He didn’t want to ruin it. First dates are supposed to end with a kiss, stupid, but how? When?  

Judy was also hoping for a kiss, but a perfect kiss, the perfect place, a moonlit garden, with angels singing and all that shit.  But that wasn’t going to happen.  No moonlit gardens or singing angels in the near vicinity.

 Just not in the car.  Please don’t kiss me in the car.  I’m dying to kiss you, but I so want it to be perfect.

They lived in the same building so saying goodnight inside, on neutral territory was good.  Both felt relatively safe and grounded there.  Neither was at a disadvantage.  They really didn’t want to say goodnight at all, but the tension was building, and the hour was growing late.

The lobby was deserted, and with the dim late evening light, it took on a new aura.  They had it all to themselves.  This was after all, where they met.  It was special.

They chatted idly for a few minutes, and then Dash took Judy’s hand in his and walked her over to the  girl’s side of the building.  He rakishly braced himself in the doorway, with a dimply grin, and thus blocked Judy’s entry.

Ohmygod, could you be any more adorable?  Just kiss me already, dammit!

He had her.  She couldn’t go any farther.  Now was the time to lean down and get that kiss.  But he was gripped by fear. He was lost in the sparkle of her icy blue eyes. 

You idiot!  What are you doing?  Kiss her already.  This is your moment!  What are you waiting for??????

Judy simply couldn’t take it anymore.

“I had a really nice time tonight.  Thank you.”  Judy said as she stood on her tiptoes to plant a small kiss on Dash’s cheek.

“You missed” He whispered.  Slowly turning his face so his lips could meet hers.

And there it was.  The kiss.  The bonds of love, previously only felt in an ethereal, non-descript way, were now forged in a deep and unforgettable fashion.  This  kiss, sweet and tender, with just a promise of passion yet to come, was never to be forgotten. The bonds were already deepening on emotional, mental and chemical levels.  This kiss forever sealed their fate.  The physical bond brought on by that kiss was the last piece of the puzzle.  That the two had been destined to meet, made for each other and born to be forever linked, whether near or far, was now undeniable. 

16 thoughts on “Romantic Monday The Bonfire Effect~Chapter 4

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    • Thank you! Do you have any idea how hard it is to write about a kiss like that? Even though I remember it like it was yesterday, it’s still all but impossible to describe. I’m glad I found the words to convey the mood–well, as best as I could. 🙂

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