A Very Inspiring, Lovely Blog~ Written by a terrible person!

That’s right, I’m a terrible person.  I’m a hog.  I have been nominated for so many nice awards in the last month or so, and I haven’t said a word.  Shame on me!  It humbles me to think that people reading this blog would even dare to use the words “lovely” or “inspiring” to describe it.  I have also been blessed with being added to one bloggers “family” and have been given a “Liebster” as well.

I know, right?  What is wrong with you people?  Family, I can understand, sort of.  I mean, you can’t choose your family, and there “is one” in every family.  The dork, the black sheep, the one who should wear a bag on their head.  Liebster?  I’m not sure exactly where that originated, or why my gracious benefactor felt me worthy, but since today is all about soaking up the accolades like a sponge before passing them on, I’ll take that too.

So now my mantle overfloweth and  it is time to spread the warm fuzzies to those I find lovely and inspiring myself.  To those I consider family, and those I would deem a “Liebster”.

I’m gonna skip the obligitory 7 things about me, because if you take all these honors times 7 questions, you’d never get to the good part, and I can’t really think of anything I haven’t already told you that isn’t a great secret blog post yet to be written.

Get on with it already!!!!

Okay okay!!!  Keep reading.

For The Liebster Award, a nice nod for a blogger who has less than 3000 followers, I was nominated by a great guy who does a great blog over at Blogger, our cross-town rival called Daddy Knows Less.  It’s a very funny blog with a lot of posts highlighted with pictures drawn by his children.  Definitely a good read every time I visit.  Since most of us fall into the less than 3000 category, I have decided to nominate some pals who are yet to be famous, because they deserve to be read, just in case some  of my readers haven’t found them yet.  And the nominees are……..

Malibu Mom

Excitement on the side


Exceeding The Speed Limit

Fat Lies And Fairy Tales

Musings of a Housewife in Training

Society Red

The Leibster Award usually comes with a lengthy question and answer ceremony thing, but I’m going to cheat and skip it, because I’m a cheater.  If you choose to accept and pass on this award, you are supposed to answer 11 questions that were provided to you by your nominating committee, and think up 11 really hard questions for your own nominees.  I have skipped the all important 11 questions for you but if you think it’s really necessary in order to accept this award, please email me and I would be happy to come up with 11 questions for you……crickets chirping….yeah, I didn’t think so.  Since all of my Liebsterites seem to be rule breakers such as myself, you can do this if you want to…or not.

I have also been nominated 4 more times in the last month or so for One Lovely Blog.  4 times?  Really?  Thank you all so very much!

This blog has been deemed “Lovely” by some crazy people who obviously do not have a dictionary. They must have “lovely” confused with “pathetic”   The lovely bloggers who bestowed this upon me are are~

Edward Hotspur

Sakshi Vashist

Day dream daisies


Exceeding the speed limit

So, who do I, El Cheekiest of Divas think is lovely?  Well, besides Sam Neill, who may or may not have a blog, I would have to pass this along to these people, who have their own little way of being lovely.  For making me laugh, or in other ways making my days more lovely:

Enchancted Seashells

On The Home Front

Restaurant-ing Through History

Making Myself Useful

Unfettered BS

Running Naked With Scissors

And now on to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Which was given to me by the Very Inspiring and Lovely Logbooker.  This one was a total shocker that came out of left field.  To be called very inspiring is just too much.  Excessive know-it-all-ism delivered in a very public face plant sort of way with a sprinkling of dreadful poetry is inspiring?  Okay~ I’ll take it!  Thank you so much~ I must inspire idiots the world over, and lure them into thinking that they should learn to type and let the drivel flow.  So, who do I think is inspiring?  Who should I pass this on to?  That’s a tough one.  Can’t I just be lazy and re-list some of the people above again?  NO? Okay fine.  Here are some of the folks that inspire me.  Because they are funny, because they are thoughtful,  because they shine in the face of adversity, or  simply because I wish I could write like them.  When I read them, I want to do a better job at this blog thingy I’ve started.

She Walks Softly

Creative Liar

Wake Up Tired

Love and Lunchmeat

Breezy Books

And speaking of Breezy Books, the wonderful blog-goddess over there, Maddie Cochere, recently added me to her fambly by honoring me with the Family of Bloggers Award.  This one was easy to pass along.  Because who doesn’t need more family!

Got me some new kickass blogging sisters here:

Fat Lies and Fairy Tales

Robin Coyle



And who doesn’t need at least a couple more brothers?  Snarky, funny, or just plain crazy

Pouring My Art Out


My Right To Bitch

Edward Hotspur

Whew!  Thems a lot of nominees!  If you happen to be somewhere on the list, and  see this in your reader before I notify you, oops.  That’s a shit ton of links up there, and it’s going to take me a while to link back to all of you lovely, inspiring, Liebster family types. So get off my back and let me eat my dinner already, and I’ll notify you later of your major award…that you already know about. Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant to say.

Thanks to all who nominated me, and also to those I nominated.  Virtual fake cyber air hugs for all of you darling strangers I have never met and probably never will.  Much creepy internet stalker love for you all!!!  

37 thoughts on “A Very Inspiring, Lovely Blog~ Written by a terrible person!

  1. You’re a sweetheart. Thank you. I can’t imagine ever having 3,000 followers. I will continue to accept all awards . I think you’re the bomb! You’re on the top of my blogging friends list.

  2. Um…well, first off, I’d like to thank Jesus…and my mama….and the Cheeky Diva!!!!!

    WHAT??? Thanks for the shout out my friend! But really, under 3,000????? I hit 70 today and I was checking the awards button to see if WordPress recognizes 70 as a milestone. They do not, by the way!

    I will try to do you proud and once again, look forward to seeing you again at the reunion! : ) Thanks again!

  3. Dearest Diva, You inspire me with your kick-ass humor and pithy missives. Thanks for helping me boost my readership past those 17 hard-core fans. Hitting 3000 sounds akin to getting the pink Caddy from MaryKay. Hey, did I see you driving a pink Caddy….
    Bug Thanks!

  4. I love that you cheat with your awards! I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉 Thank you for including me with the Very Inspiring Bloggers. I will try to inspire you today. Congrats on all the awards, Julie. You deserve them.

  5. Nice! Thanks for sending me something new for my blog mantle! Love it!

    I’m honoured that you and me are now blog-kin…and I mean for the word “kin” to sound in the non-creepiest, least-“Deliverance” kind of a way. 🙂

  6. Thanks and congrats and ummm… I never say anything about awards either, because my computer hates links… and my theme has no place to put the awards… and my whole blog is about things about me, so why add to the stress of my readers… But you desreve a whole shelf of them, so there you go.

    • I like to have other fun junk in my sidebar, which is one reason why I didn’t do anything about them. They’re fun and nice and stuff, and it’s a good way to give a shout to people that we like to read, and hope others see and like them too. 🙂

      • They are also sort of like a chain letter. I did a post saying that WordPress uses them to keep the best minds on the planet… the bloggers… busy so we don’t take over the world.

      • That works well with their evil plan to keep us poor so we can’t raise an army to take over the world either. They lure us with Word Ads. In two months, I’ve earned 14 cents. Can’t raise an army on 14 cents.

  7. Pingback: Oooh Look Shiny « Stork Hunting

    • Thanks for taking a break from doing something real, -writing a book!-to stop by and say hello. That kicks ass!!! I hope it’s going well for you. Are you keeping up with that all important word count?

      • I’m currently behind 😦
        But I got 3000 words down yesterday so that was a good little catch up. I’ve got 5 hours of writing ahead of me tonight (when my boyfriend is at work, so I have some peace) so hopefully I can catch myself up!
        Thanks for asking and remembering 😀

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