Romantic Monday~ A Dreadful Poem

Since I just can’t seem to wrap my head around Dash and Judy’s all important first date today, I’m going to let it stew for a while, and hope it turns into something miraculous.  

 I can’t let Romantic Monday just  pass me by.  But love isn’t always  romantic.  Sometimes it’s awful, sometimes it’s hard.  Sometimes it’s real world, every day and practical.  But what’s important is how you keep that love alive, in a real world, every day, practical sort of way.  That can ease those times when it’s hard and awful, and lead love back to romance.  

So, here’s another dreadful and less than poetic poem.  This time about love.  Please run screaming now if you know what’s good for you.

Everyday Love

When I went home for lunch, there was only enough chicken salad for one sandwich

So I left it for you and had something else


I know it’s stupid, because you’re 47 years old, 

But I bought you this Thor Pez dispenser when I went to Wal-Mart


The electric blanky you gave me, that’s just big enough for my side of the bed

I will always treasure

Because I get so cold, and you don’t

It’s the most thoughtful Christmas gift I ever got

Argyle even!  You know me so well, my love


You watch Once Upon A Time 

and Project Runway with me

You poor, long-suffering darling


You’ve made our house a home

Because you know how to fix EVERYTHING!

My hero with dimples and a tool belt


You let me follow my whims

And support my every desire

You don’t even roll your eyes at me

At least you don’t let me see it


You share the chores 

and play with the dog

and make me laugh every day


When you said “I do” did you realize 

exactly what you were doing? 

Thank you my love, for doing it anyway


Ohmygod!  It’s awful.  I know it, but I meant every word.  Thank you  all for enduring it.

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Please add your to the comments if you don’t see it here!  Thanks!  Happy Romantic Monday, all.

36 thoughts on “Romantic Monday~ A Dreadful Poem

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  2. Well, Cheeky, not sure why you think that poem was no good. It sounded pretty fine to me! I may not be a “perfessional poet” or anything but I know what I like! Good job, and sounds like Mr. Cheeky is one of the good ones!

    • He is THE best. He even left a comment the other day about my tapioca pudding poem. He signed it Mr. Thecheekydiva. I always tell people I couldn’t have built me a better man in my underground lab, and that’s the truth. 🙂

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  4. Don’t be silly, this is not awful at all! It is beautiful, and seriously your love is so cool: Electric blanket and Thor Pez dispenser! Scrap all the overly romantic metaphors of my writing, I want those!
    And most of all, the reason I love this is because it is so very real. And the best kind of love is real love, after all.

      • It is! Dreamy sentiments are good but the reality of Pez dispensers is needed too!
        Btw, I’ll ask you a dum technology question. How do you pingback (is that what it’s called hmm) other people’s post like the way you have done on this one? I’d want to include everyone but don’t know how. :p

      • I started by adding your name at the bottom. In the dashboard, there is an icon where you can “link “something. I highlighted your name, and clicked on the link button. Then I cut and pasted the url from your post and now, it’s a link to you. I’m sure you can find better instructions if you look in support or forums for links or pingbacks. Hope this was helpful.

      • Thank you! It came handy already. 🙂 and wasn’t as hard as I thought.
        Ps. I nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award, because your blog is. well, very lovely. 😀

    • Get your own man! Shouldn’t be a problem, now that you’re all famous and stuff.

      What about me??? I’m the one who gives Pez dispensers and saves the chicken salad. Come on! I’m pretty damn lovable aren’t I?

      Well, maybe not if you read my earlier post today. Ahem…nevermind.

      • You’re beyond damn lovable, Diva. Pigtails and all!

        Still, I’ve always been a sucker for someone with an eye for awesome Pez dispensers (I’ve got a Snoopy one on my desk – no kidding).

  5. I gave my kids all Star Trek Pez dispensers for Christmas when they had limited edition collections that were numbered. Of course, mom had to have one for herself. Last year they got Bilbo and Frodo and the rest of the Middle Earth gang.

  6. This was great, and I knew you meant every syllable. Perfect for Romantic Monday. I’m a furnace. Jimmy Smits has the electric blanket on his side of the bed while my feet and arms are hanging out on my side.

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